Jeb Blazevich: UGA football recruit impresses at all-star game

Jeb Blazevich was easily the most impressive UGA commit at Under Armour All-America practices last week.

There were only two UGA commits as participants, with defensive tackle Lamont Gaillard being the other. However, the Bulldogs are recruiting several other uncommitted participants, including Lorenzo Carter.

Back to Jeb: The 4-star tight end from Charlotte committed to UGA over Clemson and Ole Miss last spring. Here’s the reviews:

  •’s Chad Simmons: “Jeb has been one of the most consistent guys out there. Nothing about him is flashy. But he runs good routes. He catches the ball very well. He can be a mismatch for a safety because his size. He’s fairly quick out of his routes. He has very good hands. I haven’t seen him drop a ball when I’ve watched him. He has very soft hands and brings the ball into his body well. He’s going to have to develop as blocker more at Georgia when playing outside the tackle. He’s definitely more of a wide receiver, right now, playing tight end in that hybrid role. He’s the kind of kid that Georgia loves to recruit. He’s a great kid, great academics, no trouble off the field, and he consistently produces on the field.”
  • ESPN’s Gerry Hamilton: “He is solid. He’s got good hands and is a very smart guy. He’s going to be a great interview. For the guys that cover UGA, they’re going to love talking to him. He may be a guy working for ESPN one day. He’s just great. He’s natural and cerebral guy. He may not necessarily be the guy who is fastest in the 40-yard dash. He’s not going to blow up a combine. But he’s a fast starter. He’s athletic in his stance. He gets into his routes quick. I’m not sure he’s going to stretch the field vertically. But he’s smart. He’s going to find the spots in the zone, and he’s going to catch anything thrown at him. But the big thing for Jeb will be his physical development and his ability to play interior tight end in the SEC, which he will be asked to do.”
  •’s Mike Farrell: “I’ve liked him a lot. The thing that he does that I didn’t think he could do is block.  He has been a very physical blocker. He is a good target, too. He catches the ball very well. Quarterbacks have not been super accurate on his (all-star) team, so he has been the safety valve where they can throw it up, and Jeb will go get it. He’s a lot more physical than I thought. Because when I watch him on film, he (lines up) mostly outside (as wide receiver). You don’t expect him to be an interior tight end but he can do that.”

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