Kameron Uter: Ex-SEC commit quickly generates interest

It hasn’t taken long for other colleges to approach Kameron Uter, one of the state’s most overlooked prospects who de-committed to Vanderbilt over the weekend.

The 6-foot-4, 215-pound wide receiver from Atlanta’s Pace Academy woke up Sunday morning with a Facebook message from Steve Spurrier, Jr.

“He wanted to know if I had interest in South Carolina, and I definitely do,” Uter said.

Uter has three more days of peace before the NCAA dead period ends on Wednesday night. He is expected to get flooded with phone calls from college scouts who drooled over his senior film that you can see HERE.

WR Kameron Uter (6-4, 215) of Pace Academy (Special)

WR Kameron Uter (6-4, 215) of Pace Academy (Special)

“Right now, I just wanted to see which colleges get in touch with me by the end of the week,” Uter said. “Then I will sit down with my family, and make some decisions.”

Next weekend is out for an official visit anywhere because Uter had a scheduled workout for MLB scouts. Baseball has always been the first love for Uter, who is a right-handed pitcher with a fastball clocked at 92 mph. (You can read more about his background HERE). But he wants to play two sports in college.

Clemson, Georgia Tech, Miami and Virginia are four of his “dream” schools, mainly due to their strong tradition in both football and baseball.

“I’m really liking Clemson, that’s a big dream school,” said Uter, who loves wide receiver but said he would play “anywhere a team needs me.” With his size and athleticism, Uter could get looks at WR, LB, TE and DB.

“I love the football and baseball at Clemson, and it has a good engineering program,” he said. “I’ve always been pretty interested in Clemson. Their DB coach stopped by my school last month, and he said he was ready to offer but had to talk with Coach Swinney.”

And Georgia Tech? “I heard from Georgia Tech a little bit. It was kind of inconsistent. I heard from them last year. They sent me stuff in the mail, and they came to the school a few times. I stopped hearing from them for a while, and then a few weeks ago I started hearing from them during the break. I haven’t heard from them much since then. I love the Georgia Tech. It’s a great academic school. The football team, they do the triple-option and they don’t really pass too much. But I know their receivers make it to the pros, guys like Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas. So they do something with their receivers at Georgia Tech to get them to the NFL.”

What about UGA? “I do have interest in UGA. But I’ve never heard from them ever. I mean, I got like a letter from them in baseball last year. But other than that, I’ve never heard from them.”

Uter has serious interest from Notre Dame, Boston College, Iowa, Northwestern, Wake Forest and Arkansas, among others.




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