1st big recruiting test for UGA’s new defensive coordinator (UPDATED)

  • UPDATE: “Georgia has rescheduled their visit with Lamont. Lamont spoke to Coach Pruitt (on Thursday), and assured him that he was still committed to Georgia,” Pine Forest High School coach Bill Sochovka told the AJC on  Friday morning.

What would one of UGA’s top football recruits do with his gigantic “Georgia Bulldogs” tattoo on both forearms if he ends up signing with another school?

“I asked him about that this morning, and he just laughed,” said the coach of 4-star defensive tackle Lamont Gaillard of Fayetteville, N.C. on Thursday.

If you look close enough, you can see Lamont Gaillard's new ink of loyalty to the "Georgia Bulldogs" on his Under Armour All-America game football card

If you look close enough, you can see Lamont Gaillard’s gigantic “Georgia Bulldogs” tattoo on his forearms on his Under Armour All-America game football card

The 6-foot-2, 310-pounder remains committed to UGA, but has scheduled an official visit to Miami for Jan. 24, and could go to Louisville the following week (nothing has been set up yet). Clemson and Florida have also expressed serious interest.

What all the sudden recruiting movement for Gaillard? What changed from only a few days ago? It was that UGA’s defensive staff underwent a major overhaul, including the departure of DL coach Chris Wilson to USC.

Wilson wasn’t the reason that Gaillard picked UGA, and he wasn’t even the Bulldogs coach who began the recruiting process with Gaillard (that was another assistant, John Lilly, who has North Carolina as his recruiting territory).

But Wilson has been Gaillard’s main connection to UGA since last spring. With Wilson gone, Gaillard doesn’t know exactly where he stands with the new staff.

However, all that could change by Friday. UGA coach Mark Richt, along with new defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, will make an in-home visit with Gaillard and his mother.

“He’s still committed to UGA but when Coach Wilson left he decided to look at Miami and quite possibly Louisville,” Pine Forest High School coach Bill Sochovka said. “But it’s all predicated on how the visit goes with Coach Richt and Coach Pruitt tomorrow.

“Miami is a definite, and Louisville is going to see how it goes over the weekend. Like I said, I talked with Lamont today, and a lot of this has to do with Coach Wilson leaving. I think UGA could help kind of smooth it over by convincing him that it’s the right place for him, which I still think it is. And I think Lamont still thinks it’s the right place for him, too. He just wants to make sure.

“I asked Lamont this morning to give me an idea in his head where he was with things. He still has UGA as his favorite but he’s not as quite as sure as he was three days ago. With Coach Wilson leaving, that kind of opened his eyes a little bit. After our talk this morning, I feel better that he’s really committed to UGA. He just wanted to feel these other places out to make sure he’s in a good place.”

What about Clemson? “Clemson is still in but they’re waiting to see how the meeting goes between Coach Richt and Lamont.”

What about Florida? “They contacted him, but that’s not going to happen.”

Without a doubt, this will be the first major recruiting battle for Jeremy Pruitt as UGA’s new defensive coordinator – to keep one of the team’s top recruits calm and committed to the Bulldogs without a new DL coach named yet.

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