Georgia Tech offers 4 players in one day from Stephenson

Georgia Tech offered four prospects from Stephenson High School in one day.

The NCAA’s “contact period” started on Thursday and goes until Feb. 2. Since the majority of this year’s high school seniors announced college decisions by last summer, many scouts are using this time to recruit underclassmen.

All five Georgia Tech offers went to underclassmen, according to Stephenson assistant Corey Johnson: The juniors are LB Dareus Brown (recently transferred from Tucker), WR Dexter Neal, and DE Chauncey Rivers. The sophomore is DB Khalil Ladler.

“We’ve got the players,” Johnson said. “Our guys’ information has been out for a long time. I think we’re pretty good at getting the information out early enough for them to take it through whatever evaluation processes they have and look at film. So when they do come to our high school, they’re ready to offer rather than having to take everything back to the office and figure it out.

We’ve always done a pretty good job at Stephenson High School in being preemptive with the recruiting process — in getting out a highlight tape, telling the colleges this is what he’s doing and this is what he looks like. Then they’ll come by. They always come by and look at them as they walk down the hall to see how big they really are. The coaches always give everybody the eyeball test.”

Johnson said Georgia Tech assistant Joe Speed spent about an hour at the DeKalb High School on Friday.

“There were always some kids on Georgia Tech’s 2014 list, so when they came by for those guys, they looked at the juniors, too,” Johnson said. “When Speed came by today, he said ‘Let’s make it official: Here’s the ones we want to offer.’ And I think there will be some more in the next few months.”

Johnson said UGA also stopped by the school, dispatching graduate assistant Christian Robinson. The Bulldogs are short on coaches with only one defensive coach on staff. “He asked about every player, and took a lot of notes,” Johnson said. “Maybe with the new staff, maybe it will change the way (UGA) recruits our school.”

Georgia Tech will entertain 10 high school seniors on official visits this weekend, according to’s Kelly Quinlan. The only uncommitted player that will visit with the Yellow Jackets is Michael Sawyers, a 4-star defensive tackle from Nashville who recently backed off his Vanderbilt pledge due to the coaching change.





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