Wesley Green: UGA target names South Carolina as leader but …

The bad news for UGA is that one of its top remaining targets named South Carolina as his leader on Sunday after taking an official visit with the Gamecocks.

The good news for UGA is that Wesley Green, the 4-star defensive back from M.L. King High School, also admitted that the Bulldogs could catch or pass South Carolina for his services.

It just depends on how things unfold.

Green will take an official visit to UGA on Jan. 31, the final weekend before signing day.

“Yes, South Carolina is my leader,” Green told the AJC. “When the coaches had left UGA, that made me change my mind. Well, not change my mind, but it put South Carolina a step ahead of them.”

What would UGA have to do to catch up with South Carolina? “They have to show me that I’m wanted, and they have some type of plan for me at UGA,” Green said. “But who knows? I will just have to see how it goes when I get there.”

Could UGA catch up? “I believe that UGA could catch them at any given time,” Green said. “Who knows?”

It’s a two-horse race between South Carolina and UGA over the next two weeks. Green, who committed to the Gamecocks last summer and later backed off the pledge because “he wasn’t hearing much” from them, has patched things up with South Carolina and rated this past weekend’s visit as a “10” because “it was fun.”

His player host at South Carolina was Chaz Elder, the safety from Banneker High School. “We have that Georgia connection,” Green said. “We talked a lot about the similarities between Columbia and Atlanta. You know, they’re both downtown. He showed me a lot about Columbia, and how things worked there. We just had fun. I connected with the other DBs there, and the other recruits.

“The highlight of the visit was spending a lot of time around the players. Because usually when I go there, I don’t have that much time to chill with the players. But this time, I had a good amount of time to chill with the players at the dorms.”

DB Wesley Green of ML King (AJC)

DB Wesley Green of ML King (AJC)

On Sunday, Green and his father had a one-on-one meeting with Steve Spurrier to wrap up the official visit.

“Coach (Spurrier) was just telling us about him, we were just talking,” Green said.  “My dad was asking some question about what happens when players get in trouble there, and how did he discipline them. My dad wants to know those things from colleges so I make a smart decision. That was really about it.”

Spurrier gave Green a reason why he should commit again to South Carolina. “He was saying I ought to come to South Carolina because the opportunity to play there was good, if I come in and work hard,” Green said. “He said he really needed some cornerbacks to come in and play.”

What’s next for Green? He is expecting an appearance at his high school this week by UGA’s new defensive coordinator, Jeremy Pruitt. The two talked over the phone briefly last week.

“He gave me a basic rundown on how he works, and how he operates,” Green said.

Spurrier could make an in-home visit on Thursday, although it’s not finalized. Green was supposed to go to Ole Miss next weekend on an official visit, but canceled it. He could’ve moved UGA up into that spot, but decided to leave it for the final weekend.

What does Green like about UGA? “That it’s close to home, it’s not too far, and my parents could come and see me whenever,” Green said. “If I need to go back home to see my family for the holidays or if I ever got lonely, it’s just down the road. I like the area that it’s in. I feel safe and comfortable, which is important because I would be there for the next four years if I decided to go there.

“I want to go somewhere I feel comfortable, and UGA is definitely somewhere I feel comfortable.”





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