Recap of Mark Richt’s in-home visit with Lorenzo Carter

Mark Richt and new UGA defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt (AP)

Mark Richt and new UGA defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt (AP)

UGA made an in-home visit on Monday night with the state’s No. 1 overall prospect, Norcross High School defensive end Lorenzo Carter.

Richt brought along two assistants, defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt and running back coach Bryan McClendon (recruits the Gwinnett area), and they stayed for about two hours.

FSU coach Jimbo Fisher will make an-home visit Carter on Wednesday (pending snow), while Florida’s Will Muschamp is scheduled for Thursday. LSU assistant Brick Haley will also be there on Thursday.

Carter will decide between the four schools on signing day. His mother recapped Richt’s trip:

Legendary Ric Flair

Legendary Ric Flair

How did it go? “It went very well. We were talking with Coach Pruitt, and trying get ideas on how he plans on using Lorenzo, and how close they are to finding a position coach because there’s one coach left they are trying to hire. And it’s probably going to be an outside backer coach. We talked a lot about that. Coach Richt did not give me the impression that there would be one by signing day. He kept saying he was not going to rush it, that he was going to take his time to find the best person for the position. He said this weekend we were going to spend a lot of time with (new defensive line coach Tracy Rocker), Coach Pruitt and (new defensive assistant Kevin Sherrer) on our visit. With Coach Pruitt, he told us he would show us game film on how he would use Lorenzo. No clips. He’s going to let us pick a game, and show us how and where Lorenzo would fit in. It was a good visit. It was interesting. We did a lot of getting-to-know-each-other talk, like favorite movies. I didn’t know that Coach Richt was a wrestling fan. I was a wrestling fan growing up, as well. We talked about Jerry “The King” Lawler and Ric Flair. It was funny because he said ‘You are a wrestling fan?’ I said ‘Of course I am’ and we started naming wrestlers. It was a good conversation. We laughed. We had a fun time. Not a lot of football talk, but we’re going to do that this weekend.”

Is it a concern that UGA has named an outside linebackers coach yet? “It is a concern. You can’t really say it’s not a concern. That’s just not logical. You need to know who you are going to play under, and who is going to be your position coach. So it is a concern, but we do trust Coach Richt. But again, it is a concern. It is sitting on the backburner. It’s a huge question mark. But we do trust Coach Richt. And all of the coaches seem to have the same ethics that he does. He’s saying he is going to bring in someone who is like the other coaches that are there. That’s why he wants to take the time to find someone who is a really good fit. So we can of trust that. But naturally we’re curious curious.”

What else did Coach Richt say about non-football topics that was really interesting? “He actually challenged us to a bowling competition, so we’re looking forward to getting him on the alley. Coach Richt did a lot of talking about his bowling. We look forward to that this weekend.”

Carter will leave immediately after Friday’s basketball game at Peachtree Ridge High School for his official visit to UGA. The family will stay at UGA to watch some of the Super Bowl with the Bulldogs coaches before returning home on late Sunday night.