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UGA may lose recruit for non-football reasons

Longtime UGA DB commit Kendall Gant (AJC)

Longtime UGA DB commit Kendall Gant (AJC)

UGA could lose one of its top football recruits for reasons that have nothing to do with football.

Kendall Gant is a 4-star safety from Florida’s Lake Gibson High School who committed to former UGA defensive coordinator Todd Grantham last summer.

This weekend, Gant took a “secret visit” to Marshall (which was discovered after Gant inadvertently left on the GPS ID option on his Twitter account).

On Monday, his coach told the AJC that Gant is still committed to UGA, but considering a flip to Marshall for non-football reasons. Unlike UGA, Marshall can accept NCAA partial qualifiers.

“I spoke with Kendall briefly this morning, and he’s still sitting on the Georgia thing,” Lake Gibson coach Keith DeMyer said. “But there are some academic issues he needs to work through to make a decision on one or the other. There are some options that Marshall can give him that Georgia can’t. But then there’s that Georgia/SEC thing sitting right there for him.

“He’s looking at everything while needing two more points (on his test score) to qualify for Georgia. It’s ‘If I sign with UGA, they are going to do this for me. But if I sign with Marshall, I don’t have to worry about that test score. I can prop and be ready to go the following year.’ I don’t know.

“That’s the only reason he took that trip because Georgia is his No. 1. There’s no doubt about that. There’s no question about that whatsoever. That’s really, really where he wants to go. I’m going to be waiting on his decision just like everybody else. But I do know that Georgia is his No. 1.”

Gant is expected to make his final decision by Wednesday. He’s one of at least three UGA commits that could flip to other schools at the last minute.

According to Gant’s coach, UGA has made it clear that it is willing to sign Gant, even though he may not qualify by the summer.

“It’s possibly a prep school that Georgia sends those guys who aren’t qualified and they want to hold onto them,” DeMyer said. “They want to be able to re-sign them for 2015. He has got some issues with his test score. He is taking the test next weekend. I can’t give you a definitive answer on what he’s going to do.

“I just don’t know. I don’t think he knows. I do know Georgia is his No. 1 choice. I just know academically he has to make a decision. That’s all.”






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