Georgia Tech target to announce in front of ESPN cameras

WR-RB Myles Autry (AJC)

WR-RB Myles Autry (AJC)

A top Georgia Tech target will be in front of ESPN cameras for his college decision on Wednesday.

Myles Autry, a 4-star “athlete” from Norcross High School, will pick between Georgia Tech and Florida State at 3:50 p.m. on ESPNU. He will announce 10 minutes after his teammate, Lorenzo Carter.

Autry’s older brother, Anthony Autry, is a wide receiver at Georgia Tech and their mother wants them to play together. The younger Autry huddled with family members on Tuesday night to reach a final decision.

“It’s a tough decision,” Autry said. “I’m talking to my mom tonight, and we’ll figure it out. I think it’s going to come down to the end.

“We’re going to sort out what she does and doesn’t like about both schools, and then I will tell her about my opinion. Then I will just pray about it, and I will know.”

There’s more than a family connection for Georgia Tech: Autry’s teammate at Norcross (WR Clinton Lynch) got a last-minute offer from the Yellow Jackets on Tuesday, and committed on the spot.

“It’s a chance to play with my brother, which is something I’ve been dreaming about since I was a little kid,” Myles said. “It would be great to be together to turn that organization back around.  That’s it really, and it’s close.

“(My brother) wants me there. But he told me ‘If you go to a different school, you’re still my bro and I’m still going to be there for you.’ He wants me to go to GT but he told me it was up to me, and he would be there for me, no matter what.”

What about FSU? “I can see myself going there and being a factor. Me and Jameis, we’re good friends. We met last summer. Him being a great quarterback, I can really see myself at Florida State. It’s in a great city. I had a great time on my visit. I realized they are about family. At Norcross, we’re about family. I know (assistant Charles) Kelly will look out for me there.”

Autry also disputed message board rumors about whether or not he holds a committable offer from Florida State.

“I’m good. I still have the offer. Florida State wants me bad. I really don’t know what they are talking about. I talked to Coach Kelly, and we’re good. I really don’t pay attention to what they say on message boards. Those people really don’t know. I’m good with Coach Kelly and Jimbo Fisher.”

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— By Michael Carvell, AJC’s Recruiting Blog

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