The ugly aftermath of an Auburn-Alabama recruiting war

5-star from Auburn, Ala., picked rival Alabama (AP)

5-star from Auburn, Ala., picked archrival Alabama (AP)

It has gotten really ugly between Auburn fans and one of Alabama’s top football recruits.

Rashaan Evans is a 5-star linebacker who picked Alabama over Auburn on signing day.

The news didn’t go over well at Auburn because Evans attends Auburn High School (next to the Auburn campus) and his father played for the Tigers. Both of his parents are Auburn graduates.

Auburn fans have expressed their displeasure to Evans over Twitter since last Wednesday. Welcome to the dark side of Social Media.

“It’s getting worse,” Evans told’s Andrew Bone on Monday night.“Someone actually put out an article about my family’s business telling all Auburn fans not to go there. We are going to eventually start losing money. People are telling restaurants in the town not to serve us.

“It’s hard for me to go out and chill with my friends like I have always done because people keep coming up to me telling me I made a bad decision. It’s grown men. They are asking me why I did this to them. I told them I had to do what is best for me.”

Evans said one person posted on Instragram that they hope Evans tears his ACL in his first game.

On top of that, Evans tweeted that everybody around Auburn is treating him “like Satan.”

The addresses of Rashaan’s family home and family business have been posted on message boards.

This is definitely a case of “Recruiting Gone Wild.”

Here’s a sample:

Signing day is over, folks. Move on.

However, it must be pointed out that Evans has retweeted some of the negative comments directed to him (rather than simply ignore the Twitter trolls), which only continues to stir things up.

Evans also brought his former Auburn High School teammate, Reuben Foster, into the controversy. Foster helped recruit Evans for Alabama, where the two will be teammates next season. Foster famously got an Auburn tattoo last year then flipped to Alabama.

“Auburn fans are saying I am going to ride the bench, and I am going to be like Reuben Foster,” Evans told “People are adding his family and how they are low-lifes. They talk about his mom. You wouldn’t think some of them are human. I knew it was going to be horrible. You know it’s out of hand when people come up to you saying stuff. People you don’t know. People who are grown men.”

RELATED: Auburn 3-star signee Deshaun Davis also shared his recruiting experiences on Monday with’s Justin Hokanson. Davis said, “Right after I committed, I injured my ACL and I’m having Alabama fans taunting me about my injury. But I don’t respond. People are going to talk regardless, I don’t really care. I save the comments and use them as motivation, that’s it.”

Another one of Auburn’s top recruits tweeted out his perspective of the Rashaan Evans soap opera …





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