Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson: Recruiting has changed in Atlanta

Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson has seen a lot of changes in recruiting over the last 10 years in the state of Georgia, particularly in the Atlanta area.

The state has transformed into one of the nation’s hotbeds for college football talent, producing around 215-230 high school seniors per year to sign with FBS schools.

Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson (AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez)

Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson (AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez)

Georgia is considered the fourth-best talent base in the country, behind California, Florida, and Texas. And because of that, everybody wants in.

And one reason a lot of out-of-state schools have recruiting success in Atlanta is this: An ever-growing population with no longtime connections to either Georgia Tech or UGA. Families often move to the area for employment opportunities.

“There’s a lot of transition — Atlanta is a transition area,” Johnson told the AJC. “A lot of people move in and move out. I think the recruiting is different because you have so many more people in here recruiting.

“I don’t ever remember it being like this when I was at Georgia Southern. Or even when I first started when I was here, you didn’t have all the Big 10 around. Now you’ve got even Big 12 schools recruiting in here, and the Pac-12 in here – all five of the major conferences. All the other conferences are in here as well.

“It gets pretty saturated.”

Due to the heavy competition, Georgia Tech (and UGA) has expanded its recruiting efforts across the East Coast. More than half of the team’s 2014 football signees were from out of state. Out of the 10 local products from Georgia, all 10 were from the Atlanta area or close to it.




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