5 things to know about Georgia Tech’s new QB commit

Jaylend Ratliffe (247sports)

Jaylend Ratliffe (247sports)

Here are five things to know about Georgia Tech’s new quarterback commitment, Jaylend Ratliffe.

The 3-star from Scotland County, N.C., pledged to the Yellow Jackets over North Carolina on Saturday, while also considering N.C. State. He’s left-handed.

  1. It was all about the opportunity: “I just felt like Georgia Tech was the best for me,” Ratliffe said. “I told my coach I want to make money when I grow up. I want to make money and win championships; Georgia Tech wins a lot of championships, and wins a lot of bowl games. And if I get a degree from Georgia Tech, I can work anywhere in the world. So that’s what is the best for me, and what I want to do.” What does Ratliffe want to get his degree in? “Whatever. I just want to make money. As long I’m going to make a lot of money, I could get a degree in anything. I don’t know yet. If I get a degree from Georgia Tech, I could be making over $100,000 a year my first year out of college.”
  2. Love at first sight. Ratliffe’s heart was stolen when he attended his first Georgia Tech game, last November’s thriller against archrival UGA. “When I went to the Georgia-Georgia Tech game, I just fell in love that night. To me, the atmosphere was like an SEC game. I fell in love with it. They took it to double overtime. If you can go double overtime with Georgia, you can win against anybody. They were up 20-0 at the end of the third quarter. I fell in love with Georgia Tech that night, and wanted to come back and see the campus this spring.”
  3. Born to play QB. Georgia Tech beat out North Carolina because of the promise to play QB. Ratliffe is listed as a dual-threat quarterback by Rivals, but as an “athlete” by 247sports. “I don’t really know (what position) with Carolina and that’s why I didn’t commit to Carolina — because I couldn’t trust them. Georgia Tech wanted me as a quarterback. Georgia Tech loved me for who I was. They offered me as a quarterback. I was the only quarterback out of my class that they offered. I was the No. 1 recruit on their recruiting board. So why not go to a school that loves you the most, you know? I think N.C. State wanted me as quarterback but I didn’t think they were as serious. I don’t know. But I do know Georgia Tech wants me to play quarterback. And if you pay attention to Paul Johnson’s record against North Carolina teams, it’s like 17-2. Why not go to a school that wins ballgames? I’m not trying to talk down North Carolina teams or anything, though. I have respect for everybody.”
  4. A similar N.C. upbringing as Paul Johnson. “My biggest (concern about) Georgia Tech was coming from a small town in North Carolina around cotton fields and corn fields to go to the big city of Atlanta. I don’t want to get caught up in the big city and not go there and not do what is my job. And I talked to Coach Johnson about it because he’s from a small town in the North Carolina mountains. I asked him how it was. And I prayed about it, and I talked to God about it. He answered me, and told me to go to Georgia Tech. That’s what God told me to do.”

    Rambling Wreck (Georgia Tech)

    Rambling Wreck (Georgia Tech)

  5.  Loves Georgia Tech’s “Ramblin Wreck,” the antique car that serves as a team mascot. “I took a picture with the Ramblin Wreck. It was at a hotel in downtown Atlanta next to the Georgia Tech bookstore. I told Coach Johnson if I commit to Georgia Tech, I want to get in that car for a ride. I want them to drive me around the city in that car.”





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