How does new UGA recruiting coordinator feel about 2015 start?

How does new UGA recruiting coordinator Bryan McClendon feel about the start of the Bulldogs’ 2015 football recruiting class?

UGA has six commitments so far, including 5-star wide receiver Terry Godwin of Callaway High School. The Bulldogs have the nation’s No. 11 overall class via 247sports, and they’re at No. 9 with

“It’s good so far,” McClendon told the AJC. “I do feel like the start of what we’re doing is good. But we’ve just got to keep going forward. It’s still so early, and you know how crazy recruiting can get.

Bryan McClendon (right) with Keith Marshall (AJC)

Bryan McClendon (right) with Keith Marshall (AJC)

“Now we don’t think anything is up with those guys (our current commitments), but just recruiting in general has gotten crazy. It’s so early but we’re very pleased with what we’ve got right now. All of us just have to keep working in building this class.”

McClendon will be satisfied next February with UGA’s 2015 class if?

“If we do a good job of continuing to build the class,” he said. “We’ve got make sure we’re continuing to meet our needs, and bringing in not so much the right type of players but the right type of people. It’s hard to be good with the wrong type of people. We’ve got to make sure that everybody coming in here is like-minded and ready to go.”

One of McClendon’s biggest selling points to this year’s elite recruits is playing time. The Bulldogs have a group of seniors getting NFL looks, while juniors such as Todd Gurley, Jordan Jenkins and Keith Marshall could also leave early.

“If you look at this class that we’re going to sign next February, just with the possibilities of guys that could leave early, as well as those seniors — there is going to be a lot of opportunity at the University of Georgia,” McClendon said. “This last recruiting class was important but this one is important, too, because we’re going to have to make sure those guys are capable of coming in and playing early.”

McClendon, 30, has worked as UGA’s running backs coach since 2009, and was awarded the additional title of Recruiting Coordinator last month. The job had been vacant for 14 months since Rodney Garner was hired away by Auburn.

“One thing that made me want the job was obviously it being offered to me,” McClendon said. “That had a lot to do with it. But I also just wanted to do whatever I could to help. That goes along with being part of this program for a long time, and I do think we’re all in this together up here. I’m just trying to do whatever I can to help. When it was offered to me, I took it and I want to make sure I’m doing a good job and upholding my end of the bargain, just like I would if I was playing wide receiver or running back or anything else on the football team.”





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— By Michael Carvell, AJC’s Recruiting Blog

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