5 reasons Georgia Tech has a chance for nation’s No. 1 football prospect

No. 1 Trenton Thompson of Albany (247sports)

No. 1 Trenton Thompson of Albany (247sports)

The No. 1-ranked college football prospect for 2015 spent an entire day on an unofficial visit to Georgia Tech’s campus on Wednesday.

Trenton Thompson is a 6-foot-4, 300-pound defensive lineman from Albany’s Westover High School.

Here are five reasons that Georgia Tech has a chance of signing the nation’s top prospect:

1. Because he said so. After finishing the visit, Thompson told the AJC that he is considering adding Georgia Tech to his list of favorite schools. “I’m going to change up my top schools in a little bit. I want to do a top seven. Georgia Tech has got a good chance. They’re a home state school. I might do a top seven next week or really soon. I know they (Georgia Tech) are really going to be up there.” UGA has been Thompson’s longtime leader, and he recently admitted to 247sports that he almost committed to the Bulldogs twice. But he hasn’t committed anywhere yet. Thompson has Alabama and Auburn rounding out his top three, with Clemson and Georgia Tech, among others, gaining ground.

 2. If you can get a kid on your campus, you’ve always got a chance. That’s one of the golden rules of recruiting. And that’s why Georgia Tech had been trying to get Thompson to visit for months. He was finally able to make it during his spring break this week. Thompson and his high school coach, Octavia Jones, traveled to Clemson on early Tuesday, and then stopped by the end of UGA’s practice in the late afternoon while on the way to Atlanta. On Wednesday, the two reported to Georgia Tech at 10:30 a.m. and stayed for seven long hours. They toured the campus, met with the coaches, sat in on a defensive meeting, observed practice and visited the academic center. It’s fair to say Georgia Tech is a long shot, at least at this point. But anything can and does happen in recruiting, and your chances increase after getting a kid on campus.

Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson (AJC)

Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson (AJC)

3.Pep talks from Paul Johnson that make sense. Said Thompson’s coach, “(Johnson) talked about having the best of both worlds, with Georgia Tech being a great academic school and being a good football school. The players that come there have a chance to flourish on both sides, academically and athletically.” It made a big impression on Thompson. “I liked Georgia Tech a lot,” he said. “It’s an engineering school, but if I do go to school there, I will probably study Business. They’ve got connections to AT&T, Coca-Cola and a lot of big businesses in Atlanta. I had a good view of downtown from the campus. And in each one of those big buildings, there’s a Georgia Tech graduate up in there making millions.”

4. A new perspective. Both Thompson and his coach have a different view of the ACC school after spending a lengthy amount of time there. “We got to see the campus for the first time,” Jones said. “It was a lot different from seeing it while passing by it on I-75. So we got to see what Georgia Tech was all about. We thought it was a smaller campus. I didn’t realize they had more than 400 acres. I didn’t realize it was that big. Trenton’s eyes were opened to some things, and he now has a different perspective of Georgia Tech.”

5. He could be Tech’s all-time BMOC. If the nation’s No. 1 football recruit signed with Georgia Tech, he could be the school’s all-time Big Man on Campus. Nothing like that has ever happened at the ACC school — and probably the closest thing to it would be Calvin Johnson (No. 37 in the nation) signing with the Yellow Jackets in 2003. However, even Megatron held nowhere the near the same star power as Thompson does coming out of high school. On Wednesday, Thompson walked around campus like a rock star, with many of Georgia Tech’s current players stealing glances at the 5-star in between practice reps. Thompson, known for his humbleness, is used to attention but hasn’t let it go to his head. “A lot of people know who he is,” his coach said. “When he showed up on campus, they definitely wanted to learn more about him and get an opportunity to talk to him. His personality is so infectious that people gravitate toward him and want to be around him. It was really good visit, and he had a chance to meet some of the players.”





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