Top RB looks closely at both Georgia Tech and UGA

RB Mikell Lands-Davis of Alexander (247sports)

RB Mikell Lands-Davis of Alexander (247sports)

Both Georgia Tech and UGA appear to be in the chase for Mikell-Lands Davis, one of the state’s top prospects at running back.

The 5-foot-11, 205-pounder from Alexander High School already has an early scholarship offer from Georgia Tech, and plans to make an unofficial visit with the Yellow Jackets on Friday.

“I like Georgia Tech,” Lands-Davis said. “They treat me really good. They’re like in love with me. They told me that I’m No. 1 on their board, and they show it to me all the time. They say I’m a priority for them, and tell me how I can come in play and get 25 carries a game.

“They say I can be like the ‘new (Jonathan) Dwyer.’”

Lands-Davis doesn’t have an offer from UGA yet, but he’s feeling better about the situation after hanging out at Tuesday’s practice with the Bulldogs. He got some quality time with UGA running backs coach Bryan McClendon, who is also the team’s recruiting coordinator.

“It was real cool; I got to talk to Coach B-Mac,” Lands-Davis said. “I asked him why Georgia stopped talking to me for a while and they just now started back talking to me? He said it was because with the new staff, they didn’t have a guy recruiting in my area yet.

“(McClendon said now that he’s) moved to recruiting coordinator, he could pull a few strings and make some choices. He told me ‘We really want you badly. Expect something nice to come your way soon.’

“That was really nice for him to say that. I mean, I’m not going to hold me breath on it, but I thought it was cool.”

Recruiting a top-end running back may be one of UGA’s biggest challenges for its 2015 class. That’s because the Bulldogs just signed a pair of 5-stars with Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.

Lands-Davis, in a respectful way, didn’t seem bothered by UGA’s stockpile of backs.

“Georgia’s backfield is kind of loaded but some people are going to be gone after next season,” he said. “(Chubb and Michel) are both good – really good. But I’m not afraid of competition, and I feel like the best back will always play. Plus they rotate backs in there. I’m not scared of competition, so I would definitely consider Georgia if they offer me.”

Clemson was the early frontrunner for Lands-Davis, who has 14 offers, including the Tigers, North Carolina, and North Carolina State.

“I don’t really have a leader right now,” he said. “It was Clemson when they first offered me. I still talk to the running backs coach a little bit, but they kind of veered off. Now it’s just open. I’m waiting until after the spring to see who is the leader.”

Ed note: Here’s Mikell’s video. I’ve got to see him more in person to get a better idea of his speed. But the second play on his tape is spectacular.





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