Auburn’s Gus Malzahn and UGA assistants bump into 5-star at the Masters

While working at the Masters golf tournament last week, 5-star Rashad Roundtree bumped into some celebrities and college football coaches.

Roundtree, who is a rising senior safety at Lakeside-Evans High School, worked as a sales assistant and stock person in the main pro shop at Augusta National for the second year in a row.

5-star Rashad Roundtree (JDMphotos)

5-star Rashad Roundtree (JDMphotos)

Roundtree, who was easily recognizable by his hair, said he heard “Go Dawgs” from around 30 UGA fans.

Among the celebrities Roundtree saw during the week were Johnny Manziel, Alonzo Mourning and Condoleezza Rice.

On Saturday, Roundtree looked up and saw Auburn head football coach Gus Malzahn.

“I think (Malzahn) gets tickets and is out there every year,” Roundtree said. “I really didn’t get the chance to speak to him, so I just shook his hand and said hey. Other people started recognizing him then, I believe.”

The next day, Roundtree said he bumped into UGA’s coordinators, Jeremy Pruitt and Mike Bobo. “I just told them hello. We didn’t have much time to talk because I was on the clock.”

Give Auburn and UGA credit for finding one of the most creative and unique ways in NCAA history to get exposure to a 5-star prospect.

(How many college coaches reading this are thinking “I sure hope there’s another 5-star working at the Masters next year so I can convince our boosters to get me tickets?”)

Back to Roundtree: Ironically, even though he hasn’t listed any leaders, UGA and Auburn are considered the two frontrunners for his services.

“I was impressed,” Roundtree said. “It’s fun to have everybody come and see you.”

Roundtree won’t be visiting anywhere this weekend because he has his high school prom. He is still deciding on other college visits this spring.





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