Bailey Sharp and 22 family members commit to Auburn over Clemson and UGA

Family is important to one of Atlanta’s top offensive linemen. It’s so important that he brought many of them along, including extended family members and cousins, when he made his college decision on Saturday.

Sprayberry High School’s Bailey Sharp was accompanied by 22 family members when he walked into the office of Auburn’s Guz Malzahn and committed to the Tigers over Clemson and UGA. (The total count, including Sharp’s girlfriend and friends of family, was 27).

“When I talked to Coach Malzahn two weeks ago, I told him I wanted my family to be committed with me to the Auburn family,” Sharp explained.

OL Bailey Sharp is all about family (Special)

OL Bailey Sharp is all about family (Special)

It was a memorable 10-minute meeting between the Sharp clan and Malzahn.

“It was awesome,” Sharp said. “Everyone walked in, and we all shook his hand. We all took pictures with him. It was ‘War Eagle’ this and that. My crazy uncle was like ‘War Damn Eagle’ and stuff like that.

“And then everybody was like ‘All right, man, you got something to say Bailey?’ Then I walked out.

“Then I told (Malzahn) ‘I’ve been siting around on this idea but I think it’s time: I’m ready to commit and be an Auburn Tiger.’ And everybody in the room cheered. Everybody was giving Coach Malzahn hugs and high-fives. It was awesome.”

Why Auburn? “Great coaching staff with high energy, and great academic support. Auburn probably has one of the most superb equipment managers in the nation. He just re-invented the shoulder pads again. That’s one of the big things with my mom. She wants me to be safe. And then Auburn is just great people.”

The 6-foot-4, 280-pounder is a 3-star prospect who boasted more than 20 early scholarship offers. Sharp said Clemson finished second, followed by UGA.

“Clemson was a very good school; I liked it a lot. But it was a little too far away from my family. With my mom and my dad, it’s two or three hours away from them. And with my extended family, it was probably going to be eight hours away from them. It’s a great school but just not the best location for me.

“I was very interested in Georgia. But their facilities and everything were a little more spread out. The football players there need mopeds to get around campus, just so they can go everywhere. I think it’s a lot of driving, where at Auburn I just have to walk a couple of yards or a couple of blocks and I’m where I need to be.”

Auburn has seven commitments for 2015, including four from Georgia.





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