Georgia Southern coaches ‘head butt’ Erk Russell statue in recruiting video

Not much is known is about Georgia Southern’s new football coach, Willie Fritz.

But he totally “gets it” when it comes to marketing his football program and recruiting efforts.

Fritz, joined by his new staff members which include former Carver-Columbus High School coach Dell McGee, put together this four-minute Vimeo video before all the coaches hit the road for the spring evaluation period.

It’s funny, witty, creative, and informational.

For a program like Georgia Southern, which is starving for publicity among recruits in this talent-loaded state, it’s a grand slam.

I think everybody will agree that the best part of the video is when the coaches “head-butt” Erk Russell’s statue before jumping in their Hummer or recruiting ride.

Apologies for not mentioning this in the original post, but for people who maybe haven’t followed Georgia Southern football, the late Erk Russell was legendary as UGA’s defensive coordinator for giving “head butts” to his players – while they had their helmets on. They’re some famous pictures of it, with Erk’s head bleeding. If there’s one sure way for Georgia Southern’s new coach to win over hardcore Georgia Southern fans (and people across the state), it’s to pay homage to Russell with his famous “head butt.” Well done, coach, well done.

Erk Russell head butt, Georgia Bulldogs 1979

Former UGA assistant Erk Russell was a master motivator. In 1979, a head-butt with a helmeted player left him bloodied, but it simply added to Russell’s aura. (Billy Downs, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Erk Russell Statue unveiled

To borrow an Erk Russell phrase, Georgia Southern would “do right” in honoring the late great legend by making him a permanent fixture on the field at Paulson Stadium. See photos of the Erk Russell statue at

Here is a good link about the statue from At right is a story with photos of the statue itself from WTOC. And from the AJC archives is a classic photo by the AJC’s Billy Downs.

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