Top 5 ‘negative recruiting’ pitches used against Georgia Tech

Like every other college, Georgia Tech and UGA get attacked with “negative recruiting” when they are competing against other schools for top prospects.

Competing schools have been known to say anything (even it’s totally untrue) in an attempt to gain favor with a recruit. Negative recruiting is the dirty side of college football recruiting that no one wants to talk about.

Here are five ideas that other colleges often try to plant in heads of recruits who are considering Georgia Tech:

  1. School is too hard there. You’ll never be able to play football and get a degree from there (It was reported today that Georgia Tech graduated its entire 2008 signing class)
  2. Georgia Tech is located in downtown Atlanta, which is a dangerous place (It’s a big city with a big population, but crime has dropped by 33 percent since 2002, according to one report)
  3. They run a high-school offense (even though Paul Johnson’s offenses often finish in the top 10 in the nation in total yardage).
  4. You’ll never be able to win a national championship in football if you play in the ACC (FSU won this past year)
  5. There are no women there (Atlanta rates as one of the nation’s top cities for young singles, and was ranked by one website as the best city to find a date)

Note: We’ll list our Top 5 for UGA next week

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