5 questions with Florida’s Will Muschamp

Here are five questions with Florida football coach Will Muschamp.

(Note: They were answered through UF sports information director Steve McClain)

  1. Last year was the first year that Florida hasn’t signed any players from Georgia since 2011. Was that on purpose? Or did you just have so much talent in Florida you really didn’t need to go much into Georgia? “Georgia has great high school players, coaches and football programs and will always be a priority for us in recruiting.”
  2. With so many kids committing early, how do you compare the importance of unofficial visits to official visits now? “Every time a kid steps on your campus you have a chance to make an impression.”
  3. If you were in charge of NCAA, what’s one rule you would change to improve recruiting? “Let the head coaches be on the road in the Spring evaluation period.”
  4. It seems like every year, a college coach either has his name thrown into the rumor mill for other jobs, or he’s on the proverbial “hot seat.” What’s it like with recruiting with the speculation over your future? “Every coach deals with rumors and negative recruiting. I focus on the University of Florida and all of the positives around our program academically and athletically.”
  5. How much negative recruiting is out there? “Our focus is the University of Florida and I can’t answer how other schools recruit.”

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