Recruiting Rewind: UGA signee lacked drama for a 5-star but …

UGA's top signees on defense and offense. Nick Chubb (right) was actually ranked as the state's No. 1 overall prospect by 247sports while Carter was tops in the composite rankings (247sports)

The crown jewels of UGA’s 2014 class (247sports)

The recruiting journey of the state’s No. 1-ranked prospect at running back, Cedartown High School’s Nick Chubb, lacked a lot of drama.

Some would even call it boring for a 5-star.

Chubb made his college decision early, pledging to UGA last summer, and took only official visit (the Bulldogs).

However, things might’ve gotten interesting if a couple of Chubb’s visits to a rival SEC school had gone a little differently.

When asked which school was the biggest disappointment during the recruiting process, Chubb quickly responded, “South Carolina.”

“I had my date set (last spring) when I was going to commit to a school. All of sudden, I hear from South Carolina the next day, so I pushed my time back so I go down there and visit with those coaches. I pushed it back just for them.

“When I go over there to visit, Coach (Steve) Spurrier isn’t even there. So I waited a week and came back to visit again. And he’s still not there. I don’t know. I just didn’t feel like I was important to them.”

Missed opportunity? (AP)

Missed opportunity? (AP)

Soon after, Chubb went ahead and committed to UGA. He’s happy with his decision, but admits it would’ve been a lot more difficult if not for the unlikely turn of events.

“It would’ve been close between South Carolina and Georgia because I grew up really liking South Carolina,” Chubb said.

The 5-foot-11 Chubb, who recently weighed in at a muscular and tone 228 pounds, will report to UGA for summer classes on June 2.

Here’s the rest of the Q&A:

What’s the funniest thing any head coach said to you? “I remember Coach (Urban) Meyer from Ohio State told me to tell the Georgia coaches that I’m ‘all his.’ I just laughed. He was just recruiting me, and he knew I was big on Georgia. And no, I never passed the message to the Georgia coaches.”

What was your funniest memory with UGA’s Mark Richt? “He’s really good in corn hole. During my official visit there, he and Coach (Mike) Bobo were on the same team. They beat Rico Johnson and me. And the thing is, when we were warming up, Coach Richt was missing everything. When we started playing the game, he didn’t miss one. I mean, he hit everything. And he (Richt) was like ‘I guess I’m just feeling it right now. I don’t know. I got lucky on that one.’ He’s really good in corn hole. I had no idea he was going to get us like that.”

What advice would you give a junior about recruiting? “I’d tell them to enjoy it, and to take all of their visits. It was a fun experience. I wish I had seen more places, especially when everything is paid for (during an official visit).”

Why didn’t you take official visits to other schools? “My mind was stuck on Georgia. And I’m glad I’m going to Georgia. But I wish had seen more places. But I didn’t. It was an opportunity I should’ve taken. I only took one official visit to Georgia, and I had four more.”

Where would you have visited? “Probably far away. Oregon, Stanford and somewhere Up North like Ohio State. I would’ve still signed with Georgia, though.”

What was the most creative thing a college did to get your attention? “Probably Auburn for the Big Cat Weekend. They divided up the prospects and coaches on teams, and we went up against each other. We had pie-eating contest, water balloon fights, a scavenger hunt, and things like that. It was fun.”

AJC Super 11 selection (AJC)

AJC Super 11 RB Nick Chubb (AJC)

Which college coach was the hardest to turn down? “Probably Coach (Butch) Jones from Tennessee. He just really believed in me. We had a good relationship. He was always calling me and talking, not even about football. He would ask me about my day. He was really into me, you know. Being that close to him, it was pretty hard telling him I wasn’t going to Tennessee. He was like ‘I’m sorry you’re not coming, but I’ll still be keeping up with you.’”

What’s the biggest rumor about you that’s not true? “That I was slow, I have bad speed, and I have bad flexibility. I feel pretty good about my speed and flexibility.” (Chubb runs track and his best time this spring is 10.69 seconds in the 100 meters and 21.8 in the 200)

What are UGA expectations for you as a freshman? “They want me to come in there and fight for a starting position. That’s their expectations for me. I’m sure they say stuff like that to every recruit but I’m going to come in there and do my best. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get on the field somewhere.”

Do you really think you can compete for a starting position with Heisman candidate Todd Gurley there? “I don’t know. My focus is on doing my best.”

What do you want UGA fans to know about you? “I’m really a hard-working kid. I really don’t say much. I want to go in there, bust my tail and try to help Georgia win a national championship.”

Note: It was Nick Chubb, not Lorenzo Carter, who finished as the state’s No. 1 overall prospect in the rankings. Carter was tops in the 247sports composite rankings (which combines the four major recruiting services), while Chubb was at No. 3. Also, Chubb’s senior highlight tape is linked below, and you can turn it off after the first play.


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