Georgia State and Penn State to do football camp together

Georgia State and Penn State have formed a unique partnership in the name of football recruiting.

New Penn State James Franklin and his entire staff will work as guest coaches for Trent Miles Football Camp at Georgia State on June 10.

The radical arrangement appears to be a win-win for both programs: Penn State gets to personally evaluate high school players who would never travel to its camps in Pennsylvania, while Georgia State will get exposure to more high-profile recruits than normal.

Georgia State's Trent Miles (AJC)

Georgia State’s Trent Miles (AJC)

“The way the rules are set up, you’re not allowed to have any camp outside of your state, unless you’re on the border and within a 50-mile radius — and a lot of people recruit in Atlanta,” Miles said. “But you can legally work somebody else’s camp.

“So it’s beneficial to both parties where Penn State can come down here, work our camp, and get to see the kids that they’re recruiting. And it benefits us by the amount of kids that are coming.”

It’s common for colleges to permit smaller colleges to attend their camps for evaluations. For example, Georgia State routinely grants access to schools such as LaGrange College and Clark Atlanta.

However, it’s rare (and maybe unprecedented) for colleges to invite a coach from a bigger program because he steals attention away from the host school.

Georgia State and Penn State are both FBS-level schools, but Miles said he’s fine with the situation due to the overall recruiting benefits.

“I don’t worry about being overshadowed by anybody — that’s just not a concern,” he said. “(Franklin’s) ego is not that way, and my ego is not that way.

“We’re not going to recruit the same person, you know? There’s no way. The Sun Belt doesn’t recruit against Penn State. Let’s face it: I’m not competing for kids against Penn State, or Georgia and Alabama. I’m just not. Nor will we ever. It is what it is.

“(This camp) is a big positive for both schools. We’re going to see some great players, and the kids are going to get coached up by two Division I staffs.”

Penn State's new coach signed 13 Georgia players in 3 years at Vandy (AP)

Penn State’s new coach signed 13 Georgia players in 3 years at Vandy (AP)

Penn State has signed one Georgia player in each of its last three recruiting classes, but the Nittany Lions have never had sustained success in the state. That could change under Franklin. Over the last three seasons at Vanderbilt, he signed 13 players from Georgia.

The camp costs $50 per player and will be held at the GSU practice complex.

Miles will have eight one-day camps in June, including road trips to Dalton, Columbus, Macon and Camden County.

“I want to get out around the state to see as many kids from different parts of the state as a I possibly can,” Miles said. “It makes it a lot easier for kids. Rather than kids from Camden County driving all the way up here, I’d rather go down there and take it to them.

“I’d rather take our show to people. It’s a chance to save the kids some gas money, and at the same time, get us out to be able to evaluate them.”

2014 Trent Miles Football Camps

  • June 6 at GSU practice complex
  • June 10 at GSU practice complex (two sessions)
  • June 12 at Dalton High School
  • June 17 at Northside Warner Robins High School
  • June 19 at Carver-Columbus High School
  • June 20 at GSU practice complex
  • June 27 at Camden County High School

$50 per high school football player (any grade)

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