Top Georgia OL to visit Georgia Tech this weekend

Georgia Tech will get a chance to make a big impression on one of the state’s top offensive linemen this weekend.

Zach Giella is a 6-foot-6, 300-pounder from Augusta Christian high school with 21 early scholarship offers. He’s rated as the state’s No. 65 overall prospect but could move up in the next rankings.

The 3-star prospect has declared LSU as his leader (see the video), followed by Clemson and Ole Miss.

However, Giella is keeping an open mind about Georgia Tech after offensive line coach Mike Sewak recently attended a practice. There’s also a special connection between the two.

“My oldest brother played football for Coach Sewak at Georgia Southern,” Giella said. “We’ve known Sewak for a while. It’s good to get back in touch with him and everything. He’s a good guy, funny and everything. He’s easy to get along with. The whole staff seems to be like that, so that is great. And Georgia Tech is close to home, so that’s really great, too.”

What about UGA? Giella has expressed interest in UGA but hasn’t heard much back from the Bulldogs. Giella made the effort to attend last month’s G-Day and talk with offensive line coach Will Friend.

“Nothing has really has really come out from that,” Geilla said. “(Friend) said he’s going to come out here and watch me practice. But Coach Friend hasn’t said anything to me since then, so I’m not really sure what’s going on.”

With 21 offers, does Giella care whether or not he gets an offer from UGA? “It would be nice to get a Georgia offer because I’m in their backyard. But it is what it is.”

Giella seems pretty satisfied with the interest that he’s generated, especially considering he plays at a small private school located outside of Atlanta. But there is one other school he’d really like to get evaluated by:

“Alabama,” he said. “Coach Cristobal has talked to me a little bit, nothing too extensive. It’s just because they apparently know their stuff about the offensive line at Alabama.”

Giella has only made concrete plans to attend one summer camp so far, traveling to LSU. He will announce his college decision in the next couple of months.

RELATED: Augusta Christian has some gigantic linemen for a small private school. When I went to practice, I couldn’t help but notice Calvin Taylor, a 2015 sleeper prospect who stands 6-9 and 260 pounds. Naturally, he passes all of the eyeball tests. Taylor is very tall and lean, and very raw and undeveloped. But he has a surprising amount of athleticism, which comes from starring on the school’s basketball team. I was told that Taylor is a mid-major prospect in basketball, but could go much higher in football because of his ceiling of potential. I tend to agree with that. He has two early football offers, including UNC Charlotte, but things are expected to pick up as more college scouts come through this spring to observe Giella. Taylor, who said he plays football because he enjoys it, also has a 3.4 GPA. Remember his name, along with another Augusta Christian OL prospect for 2016, Michael McAlvin (6-5, 285). More scouts are expected to attend the team’s final spring workouts next week.

Big boys: Calvin Taylor (left) at 6-9, 260, and Zach Giella at 6-6, 300 (Photo by Michael Carvell/AJC)

Big boys: Calvin Taylor (left) at 6-9, 260, and Zach Giella at 6-6, 300 (Photo by Michael Carvell/AJC)



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