Bill Goldberg picked UGA because of a … bottle of Wild Turkey?

Before Bill Goldberg was a famous wrestler, he was an All-SEC defensive lineman at UGA who played briefly in the NFL.

Goldberg, 47, is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was heavily recruited by the local colleges, including Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer, who would drink a “Crown on the rocks within five minutes” after coming over to Goldberg’s house on visits.

How did Goldberg end up all the way at UGA? It had to do with an uncle who lived in Jacksonville, Goldberg told The Ross Report:

“(My uncle) was best friends with Bear Bryant, and Bear Bryant passed way,” Goldberg said. “My uncle asked me if I had any interest in going to Georgia because he thought very highly of a guy named Vince Dooley. Since they were the Junkyard Dogs (and) known for defense, it sort of played into my mentality. It was red and black. It was kind of a violent style of football.

“I gave it a shot … Again, what solidified my trip was a bottle of Wild Turkey that was handed to me as I was standing on top of a bar during my recruiting trip. You know, I had a great time at Georgia, great memories. It will always be that one thing in my life that I’ll want to re-enact again.”

Did Goldberg just say that he signed with UGA because of a bottle of Wild Turkey? It sure sounded like it, but listen to podcast here to decide for yourself. (Personally, I don’t believe it because I would’ve asked for at least a bottle of Crown Royal)

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