Josh Harvey-Clemons’ cousin reports to UGA on Monday

Dyshon Sims (No. 55) and Josh Harvey-Clemons are cousins from Lowndes (247sports)

Dyshon Sims (No. 55) and Josh Harvey-Clemons are cousins from Lowndes (247sports)

One of the main reasons that Dyshon Sims signed with UGA was to play with his cousin.

And when the offensive lineman from Lowdnes High School starts summer school at UGA next week, his cousin won’t be there.

His cousin is Josh Harvey-Clemons, who was dismissed by the Bulldogs last February – and only a couple of weeks after the ink dried on Sims’ scholarship papers (Harvey-Clemons has since transferred to Louisville).

“You know, it’s pretty disappointing that Josh won’t be there with me,” Sims told the AJC on Monday night.

“That was really one of my main deciding factors to sign with UGA. But it’s all going to work out the way it’s supposed to. I guess it just wasn’t meant for us to play together. He’s going to have a successful career at Louisville.

“It would’ve helped if he was at UGA. But I’m my own person, and I think I will do just fine by myself.

If Sims had known Harvey-Clemons wouldn’t be at UGA, would he still have turned down Alabama and FSU, among others, to sign with the Bulldogs?

“Um … well … hmmm … they were pretty straight forward with my family, as far as the recruiting process went,” Sims said. “They (UGA) were real genuine, so yes, I think they would’ve still been in the running for me.”

Sims and Harvey-Clemons are best of friends because they grew up down the street from each other. Sims said his cousin is doing well.

“He’s still in Valdosta now. I’m actually at his house now. He’s working out and getting prepared. He’s leaving on Sunday, and I know he will do well. I leave for UGA on Monday.”

Here’s the rest of the Q&A with UGA signee Dyshon Sims:

Which school finished runner-up to UGA? “That’s a pretty tough one. I would say Florida State.” What could FSU have done better? “It was a great school. The only reason I didn’t go to Florida State is because I was trying to get away from home a little bit more. Other than that, it was an awesome school.”

Most creative thing a college did to get your attention? “It was the way the colleges bonded with my family. I know with Georgia, my family felt pretty content with them. They liked them as people versus other coaches. They felt like they really cared about me, and that’s why I choose Georgia.”

Did Mark Richt purposely lose a game of corn hole to win over a recruit? (AP)

Did Mark Richt purposely lose a game of corn hole to win over a recruit? (AP)

Funniest memory with Mark Richt during the recruiting process? “Definitely when we went to his house during my official visit. He has this little corn hole game set up in there. We were talking about it, and I was telling him how good I was. Definitely my fondest memory was having a chance to play against Coach Richt and beat him up a little bit in that game.” You beat Richt in corn hole? He’s killed other recruits in that game. “Well, we teamed up that first game. We were playing against his sons. They beat us. Then we did a little one-on-one, and I actually won that one.” You don’t think Richt let you win so he could sign you? “That’s a possibility. We talked about that. I believe that was probably what it was. I’m quite sure if we played again, he would beat me. He and Coach Bobo can play some corn hole.”

What was funniest thing that happened on your official visit to UGA? “We were supposed to get up there for breakfast at 8 o’clock on Saturday morning, and I didn’t get there until 8:25 a.m. Everybody (the other recruits and the UGA coaches) waited on me until I got there to eat. They were pretty upset, but that was all right. I overslept. The day before, we had just finished some workouts at (my high school). On the way to UGA, I didn’t get much sleep. I had to help drive there. By the time we got to the room, I was tired and I didn’t hear the alarm. Luckily (Harvey-Clemons) woke up at 8:15 a.m., and told me ‘You’re supposed to be gone.’ They waited until I got there because that morning it was my birthday. Everybody got a good laugh out of it.”

Which coach was the hardest to turn down? “Kirby Smart at Alabama, just simply because he’s real good friends with (Lowndes offensive line coach Christian Hunnicutt). He really did put in a lot of good words to help me get up there (to Alabama), and I didn’t go there. So I felt really bad about at least not going there to take a visit and stuff like that.”

Which school disappointed you the most? “It was probably Clemson. They came out there during the spring of my junior year, and I was actually pretty interested in Clemson. They came out there and got my number. But I never received a call. There’s no hard feelings or anything like that. I was expecting a call from them, but it’s all good.”

Which non-UGA coach was the nicest? “This might have to go to FSU with (Jimbo Fisher). I visited there for camp, and he came in the room when I got my offer. If people didn’t tell you who he was, you wouldn’t know it. He just came in there and talked to you like a regular person. He shared some laughs with me and a couple of jokes. I liked Coach Fisher.”



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