Notre Dame and Georgia State to do football camp together

Notre Dame has only signed 8 players from Georgia in the last 10 classes, but 4 since Brian Kelly took over in 2010 (AP)

Notre Dame has only signed 8 players from Georgia in the last 10 classes, but 4 since Brian Kelly took over in 2010 (AP)

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly and his football staff will be “guest coaches” at Georgia State’s football camp next summer.

“I talked to Notre Dame and it was a mutual thing – they thought it was a great idea, and they’ve been recruiting Georgia,” said Georgia State coach Trent Miles, a former Notre Dame assistant coach.

“It’s great for us getting the exposure and getting some kids on our campus that Notre Dame will bring because of their name. I think it will be great for Notre Dame because they have a national presence, and I’m very close to those guys.”

Having big-name guest coaches at summer camps a new trend in college football, this is the second high-profile deal secured by Georgia State in the last month. On June 10, Penn State coach James Franklin and his staff will serve as guest coaches for Trent Miles Football Camp.

Georgia State's Trent Miles (AJC)

Georgia State’s Trent Miles (AJC)

It’s a win-win for both sides: It gives Notre Dame and Penn State the chance to perform in-person evaluations of Georgia prospects who would never travel to the northern schools for summer camps, and it also gives Georgia State exposure to elite prospects.

This week, the SEC coaches have complained about the arrangement, mainly due to the fact that their conference rules prevent them from working as guest coaches at an off-site location. They’d like for the NCAA to close the loophole.

“I’m hearing that the SEC isn’t really happy but I’m worried about us at Georgia State,” Miles said with a chuckle. “I’m only concerned about Georgia State, and I have close ties to Notre Dame. If I can do something to help Notre Dame, I will.”

Which college will be next to strike a deal with Georgia State after Notre Dame and Penn State? The most logical choice would be Ohio State. Miles said he has gotten feelers from some other schools he wouldn’t name, but did say Ohio State wasn’t one of them — at least not yet. “I have not had any conversations with Urban about this.”

More on Miles: He was wide receivers coach at Notre Dame from 2002 to 2004. His future wife worked in Notre Dame’s athletic/academic services, and they were married by one of the team’s priests. One of Miles’ best friends — and his oldest daughter’s godfather – is Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock.

No date has been set from Notre Dame’s appearance in Atlanta but it will be the early part of June 2015. “We’re still working on the calendar,” Miles said.

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