Syracuse sends recruit 64 letters in a day after ripping other colleges for doing it

Syracuse, which said it was “absurd” and “too much” when other colleges famously mailed recruits 105 letters in a day last year, sent a Georgia prospect only 64 letters in a day this week.

Welcome to the wacky world of recruiting.

Grayson High School defender Mohamed Berry was the recipient of all the letters from Syracuse. He tweeted out a picture of his mail stack.

Ironically last May, Syracuse director of recruiting operations, Eric White, had this to say about the trend of mailing prospects a ton of letters in one day, as noted by’s Chris Carlson:

“That stuff is absurd,” White said. “I think it’s too much. It’s a fine line. Blowing up a kids’ mailbox with 115 letters a day? I don’t know. I think our staff is on board that it’s a fine line. We want to stay relevant but we don’t want to bombard a kid with 120 mailings in a day.”

I guess 64 is within reason, not absurd, and not overwhelming. It’s only 64, folks.

(Please also note in the tweet that poor South Florida could only send 11 in one day)

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