Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson not happy about satellite camps either

These guys are in agreement on satellite camps (AP/file)

These guys are in agreement on satellite camps (AP/file)

SEC coaches aren’t happy about Georgia State’s satellite football camps.

Neither is Georgia Tech’s coach Paul Johnson.

And Johnson probably has the right to be as opinionated as anybody about the hot topic because Penn State’s James Franklin and Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly will be celebrity guest coaches at prospect camps located only a few miles away from Georgia Tech’s campus.

Johnson gave his perspective (candid as usual) at Tuesday’s “Pigskin Preview” media event in Macon:

“It wouldn’t be my preference, but it’s fair game if they (Georgia State) want to do it,” Johnson said. “I don’t see how it helps them. I know how it helps Notre Dame and Penn State. I don’t know how it helps Georgia State. But if they think it helps them, more power to them.

“We can’t do that (in the ACC). Nobody will be able to … by next year. They’ll (the NCAA) change the rule. They’re skirting the intent of the rule. That’s not what the rule was for. They know it.

“But they (Georgia State) didn’t ask me. I imagine I will talk to him (Miles) if they want to borrow our facility.”

Georgia State coach Trent Miles was also at Tuesday’s event, and later did talk to Johnson in a hallway for a few minutes. The conversation went about as you would expect.

“He (Johnson) really didn’t have much to say,” Miles said. “He understands that we have to do the best things for Georgia State.

Georgia State's Trent Miles (AJC)

Georgia State’s Trent Miles (AJC)

“I’m sure that it’s probably not ideal for them (Georgia Tech) to have a big name come into Atlanta with all the big-name recruits that are around here. He sees my side, and understands I’ve got to do what’s best for Georgia State.”

Miles also approached UGA’s Mark Richt about the topic, and you can read about Richt’s reaction, along with more on the overall topic, by clicking on this article from

From Georgia State’s perspective, the satellite camps are a positive for a struggling program coming off a 0-12 record and starving for publicity. The presence of Notre Dame and Penn State will draw top-end recruits who would otherwise be unlikely to visit Georgia State’s campus. (Personally, I think it’s a brilliant idea).

It’s also easy to understand why Johnson and Richt are against the concept. And if Trent Miles coached at UGA and Georgia Tech, he’d probably feel the same way, too.

And would Richt and Johnson be open to doing the same thing if they were Miles’ shoes at Georgia State? My guess is yes


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