Mark Richt: Timing was good for recruiting change

UGA lost one of its chief football recruiters less than 10 days before the start of summer camps.

But Mark Richt isn’t panicking about last week’s abrupt departure of Daryl Jones, UGA’s Director of On-Campus Recruiting. Jones was in charge of organizing official and unofficial visits for prospects, among other duties.

Jones said he was stepping down to “pursue other opportunities.”

On the other hand, Richt claims the timing couldn’t be better for the personnel move in his football recruiting department.

“(We are) at the point now that if there’s a good time to make a change, it’s now,” Richt said on Tuesday. “With the camps coming in, we’ve got all the camps covered. My guess is by the end of the camps, we’ll probably have somebody in place. That would be guess.”

What did Richt think about Jones leaving his position? “You know, I’m excited for his future and I wish him well,” he said. “We’ll find somebody who will do a great job for us.

UGA athletics director Greg McGarity said he will let Richt decide if and how he wants to fill the vacancy. On Tuesday, Richt said he’s still undecided about the future of the position.

“We’re not 100-percent sure on that. We’re going to look at our recruiting system, and try to do what ‘s best. There could be a change with how we structure things possibly. We’re going to be discussing that this afternoon a little bit.”


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— By Michael Carvell, AJC’s Recruiting Blog

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