Missing Georgia Tech football signee to report late

Georgia Tech’s 2014 recruiting class reported to campus on Tuesday, with two exceptions:

Myles Autry, the 4-star running back from Norcross High School who committed to Georgia Tech in front of ESPN cameras on signing day, is still waiting to be approved by the ACC school’s admissions office. No further details are available.

Former N.C. State DE Kenderius Whitehead to play for Georgia Tech (247sports)

Former N.C. State DE Kenderius Whitehead to play for Georgia Tech (247sports)

The other missing recruit is Kenderius Whitehead, the defensive end who won’t complete his two-year degree at Georgia Military junior college until the end of July.

The original plan for Whitehead was for him to stay at the junior college through next season, and then transfer to a four-year school in January 2015 and have two seasons of eligibility. However, because Whitehead was in good academic standing, he decided to go ahead and take enough classes by the end of this summer to graduate, which would permit him three seasons of eligibility at Georgia Tech.

Whitehead, who originally signed with N.C. State out of M.L. King High in 2012 and transferred after one season, is taking a full load of classes this summer at Georgia Military.

“He’s still working on what he needs to get for Georgia Tech,” GMC coach Bert Williams told the AJC. “He had a full load of classes this summer to be able to get there. We accelerated him to be able to graduate. Coming in, the thought was that he would probably be with us through this fall. But it was possible for him to get enough classes in, and to graduate, and to be eligible (for a four-year school this fall). He’s got to get through this summer, and be ready for the Georgia Tech guys in August.

Some Georgia Tech fans are nervous about whether or not Whitehead will make it. He’s expected to make an immediate impact with his pass-rushing skills. His coach said he’s on pace to make it.

“He has done well so far in classes,” Williams said. “He has got his spring grades coming in. A couple of them have been reported, and those look good … He has got a little room to work with, but not much.

“He pretty much needs to hit it all the way through the summer to get there. I’d say he has got a good chance. He’s capable. It’s just a lot of work. We accelerated him to give him the opportunity. It’s an ambitious schedule but he’s got the capability to do it.”


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