Posted: 9:46 am Monday, June 30th, 2014

Zerrick Cooper: QB mulls over offers from Clemson, Ohio State and Miami 

By Michael Carvell

2016 QB Zerrick Cooper of Jonesboro High School has a dozen early scholarship offers, including Miami, Clemson, Ohio State, Virginia Tech and Kentucky.

The 6-foot-3 Cooper would like to be evaluated by FSU, Alabama, Florida and LSU.

Cooper talked about his recruiting in the below video:


Hard to be Black and play QB at Georgia.. See what they did to Shockley & QC. 

Let UGA ignore while the rest of the SEC/ACC picks apart the state for good to great QB talent.

LSU Anthony

Tenn Dobb

Clemson Watson

Aubun Marshall

Vanderbilt Mcray 

It's disgusting... But for the good ole boys at Jawja par the course. 


Uga Fans.

What about Torrance Gibson, the top rated dual threat QB in America?  

The hook is that he's a teammate of Sony Michel and Isiah Mckenzie, who both signed with you. He's been compared to Cam Newton. Extremely accurate and can throw it 75 yards. He's not even considering y'all.

Booboo didn't tell him he's a tight end did he? Or a Defensive back ? You don't think Booboo's up to his old tricks do you? The guy is killing you.

35 years and counting! Do it Richt, Do it Bobo, and Do it Dawgs. HILARIOUS!!


WOW, yet another in-state dual threat stud Richt and Booboo choose to ignore. Those two aren't even subtle in their exclusion of these athletes. It's disgusting in this day and age, and is the main reason, other than their choice to recruit AND start private school athletes up and down their offensive line, that it's been 35 years since UGA's last National Title and nearly 10 years since their last SEC title.

I guess it's just the "Georgia Way". Cam Newton's a tight end. Nick Marshall's a defensive back. Marietta's Anthony Jennings, who father played at UGA and who's mother attended there as well, to LSU. Alpharetta's Josh Dobbs to Tennessee, Gainesville's Deshawn Watson to Clemson. Harrison High's Lorenzo Nunez to South Carolina, Johnny McCrary, who's father Greg played for the Falcons, and who uncle is the Athletic Director for DeKalb County High Schools, to Vanderbilt. Stephen Collier, from Lee County, to Ohio State.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new at good old UGA. Thomasville's Charlie Ward led FSU to a National Title, Thomasville's Sean Jones led Ga. Tech to a National Title, Athen's Homer Jordan led Clemson to a National Title and noted tight end prospect,Cam Newton, did the same at Auburn. What a record of futility.

UGA fans were recently named the most tortured fan base in America. That's being kind. You're something else too, aren't you Dawg fans.  

The players listed above stand as proof.

To Hell with Georgia! 


Woerner country. And Harry D.


@ConfederateFlagBurner  Stupid post. You're just looking for reasons to play the race card. If you think DJ should've started over Greene you're a moron.