Should age factor into the recruiting rankings?

Should age factor into the recruiting rankings?

I think so. But they’re not.

I think a grown men who are 19 years old (or even 20) during their senior year of high school have a humungous advantage playing football against kids who are three and four years younger.

Now I’m not talking about whether or not grown men ought to be able to play high school athletics. That’s a different topic for a different day (By the way, under GHSA rules, a senior is eligible to participate as long as he turns 19 after May 1 of his junior year … I mean, wow).

But the blog topic, which created quite a bit of chatter on Twitter is this: Should age factor into the recruiting rankings? They don’t right now (as far as I can tell) with Rivals, Scout, ESPN and 247sports.

I’d love to see a date of birth included in every recruit’s profile and, more importantly, his talent evaluation.

I’m not going to name names, but I can think of several 5-stars in recent years who would’ve been ranked much lower had they been ranked in the class they should’ve been in.

On the other side of the equation, you’ve got guys like Tucker High School defensive tackle Jonathan Ledbetter, who is committed to Alabama. He won’t turn 17 until Sept. 12 of his senior year. Under GHSA rules, if Ledbetter had started school late or been held back a grade or two when he was younger, he would eligible not one but TWO more seasons after this season.

Ledbetter is ranked as a 4-star and the nation’s No. 69 overall prospect in the 2015 rankings. That’s nice but what if he was 2017? Would he be top five in the USA for 2017? Probably.


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