Tennessee football recruit explains his tweet about Alabama

A top Tennessee Volunteers football recruit from Georgia explained the reasons behind his tweet that angered so many Alabama fans.

Andrew Butcher is a 4-star defensive end from Alpharetta High School who has been committed to Tennessee for more than a year.

On Thursday night, Butcher was trending on Twitter after tweeting out: “I can’t wait to beat Alabama’s ass with my boys.”

The tweet remains a popular topic of discussion on Alabama and Tennessee message boards.

Tennessee DE commit Andrew Butcher (247sports.com)

Tennessee DE commit Andrew Butcher (247sports.com)

What were the reasons behind the tweet? Butcher explained it to the AJC on Friday.

“I was watching The Opening on TV with (Tennessee 5-star commit) Kahlil McKenzie going one-on-one with the Alabama kid. There was some pushing after a play.

“I saw the other Alabama commits come up and try to shove Kahil, too. If I was there, I would’ve been right next to Khalil shoving the Alabama guys back. That just got me a little bit heated.”

Butcher’s tweet took on another life after it was posted. It seemed to rally many Tennessee fans, while generating the opposite reaction from Alabama supporters.

“I knew it would get some reaction. I knew that was what the Tennessee fans would want to hear. Just believing you can beat Alabama is half of the battle because most people are just scared of them. I respect Alabama, but I’m not scared of them. I’m ready for the rivalry.”

Butcher got some nasty feedback from Alabama fans but he isn’t taking the comments personal. He doesn’t think Alabama fans are bad people either, even though they said he looks like Channing Tatum (what a low blow!).

“It’s just like negative reaction you’d see from Tennessee fans when other recruits talk bad about Tennessee,” he said. “So I knew there was going to be some heat coming. But it doesn’t really affect me.”

Butcher said he got a lot of positive feedback from other members of Tennessee’s 2014 recruiting class. The Volunteers have 20 commits, including five from Georgia. Butcher also got a special thanks from his future teammate, McKenzie.

“He said he loved it, and he can’t wait to play Alabama in college and make them not so cocky anymore,” Butcher said. “They need a reality check.”