5 things to know about UGA’s Director of Player Personnel, Ronnie Letson

Ronnie Letson, UGA's new director of player personnel (AJC/Michael Carvell)

Ronnie Letson, UGA’s new director of player personnel (AJC/Michael Carvell)

Ronnie Letson was recently hired as UGA’s Director of Player Personnel.

Among other duties, Letson will help operate UGA’s “Dawg Night” camp on Friday. It’s the biggest recruiting event of the year for the Bulldogs.

Here are five things to know about Letson:

  1. Local ties: Letson has Atlanta connections, as he played wide receiver for Norcross High School in 1995. One of his high school teammates was Jeff Backus, who later played at Michigan and for 12 seasons with NFL’s Detroit Lions. Letson joined Ole Miss as a walk-on and was rewarded with a football scholarship for his last three seasons. Letson, 37, is married with two children.
  2. UGA connections: His closest friend on UGA’s staff is Mike Bobo. “Mike and I coached together at Jacksonville State for a year (for the 2000 season),” Letson said. “Bobo and I have known each other since we were both in college. Jon England was my quarterback in high school, and he was a (backup) quarterback at UGA and that’s how I first got to know Mike.” Letson also was friends or acquaintances with most of the UGA’s staff prior to his hiring.
  3. Alabama knowledge: The thing that sticks out the most on Letson’s resume is that he worked at Alabama last season as an offensive analyst. He arrived at Alabama after Jeremy Pruitt had left for FSU but the two have known each other for years. “When I was at Jacksonville State, (Pruitt) was the defensive coordinator at Hoover (high school) and I recruited his school,” Letson said. “And he was kind of my connection at the school, so I would go talk to him about the recruits. That’s where we first developed the relationship. His brother played for us at Jacksonville State, and was a GA for me at Jacksonville State … I’ve just known him for a long time. He’s a great football coach and great football recruiter.”
  4. UGA appeal: What made Letson interested in the UGA position? “There’s not a better place, in my opinion. Growing up in Georgia, the tradition of the University of Georgia and the success that Coach Rich has had here is impressive. If somebody asked me why would I want this job, I would say why wouldn’t I want this job? I think it’s an unbelievable opportunity.”
  5. Job duties: How exactly are Letson’s job duties different from his predecessor, Daryl Jones, who held the title of Director of On-Campus Recruiting. Richt said the new role would be a little different, but it’s still being figured out. “There’s a lot of details, but the ultimate thing is to make sure that we’re on top of every prospect in 2015, 2016 and 2017 classes,” Letson said. “We always want to be ahead of the class, and make sure we’re not playing catch up. We always want to be ahead in recruiting. That’s the main thing. But there’s a lot of other things tied into it. The main thing is making sure we’re organized and we turn over every rock to find every player possible – of course, starting in the state of Georgia first.”


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