Twins commit to Georgia Tech (UPDATED)

OL Scott Morgan (left) and Brad Morgan with younger brother Matthew Morgan, 14 (Special)

OL Scott Morgan (left) and Brad Morgan with younger brother Matthew Morgan, 14 (Special)

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson made a pair of twins an offer they couldn’t refuse this week.

Johnson called the parents of Etowah High School offensive linemen Scott and Brad Morgan with a deal: He’d officially give the boys each the offer they’d be waiting on from the Yellow Jackets if they were ready to commit.

Brad was ready to pledge on the spot, while Scott wanted a couple of days to mull things over. By Friday evening, the twins had reached a mutual agreement: They called Johnson, got the official offer, and officially accepted.

“Georgia Tech was the dream offer, the offer we had been waiting on” Brad told the AJC. “We had been talking to Georgia Tech since the spring, and we went to their camp, and we didn’t get an offer after camp because Coach Johnson said they had to work with the numbers.

“But months later, we got the offers for Georgia Tech. We’re happy about it, and we’re fully committed to Georgia Tech right now.”

Scott and Brad are both around 6-foot-4 and 275 pounds. They are projected to play offensive guard or tackle at Georgia Tech.

The twins always planned to play together in college, so they only considered colleges that offered both of them. Brad said they picked Georgia Tech over double offers from Minnesota and Marshall.

“Coach Johnson said he would give us an official offer from Georgia Tech if … we were all-in and ready to commit,” Brad said. “And then Scotty was a little hesitant at first because he wanted to look at Vanderbilt. He liked Vanderbilt but they were slow-playing him about a scholarship.

“So Scott made the decision that he wanted to go to Tech. He wasn’t going to wait any longer. That’s how it all happened.”

The twins also had generated serious interest from Virginia Tech, Louisville and Penn State. But again, it was a package deal or no deal.

“We talked about that a lot,” Brad said. “And we decided that it would be much easier for us to play together rather than apart because our family would be split every weekend. It would be a problem for them to see both of us play. That would be tough for our parents, and my little brother. I thought Georgia Tech was the right decision for us.”

The twins, which have both yet to be ranked, are commits No. 15 and 16 for Georgia Tech’s 2015 football recruiting class.


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