Mark Richt dropped UGA recruit for misbehaving on Twitter

There was so much news coming out of UGA’s Media Day on Friday that it was hard to keep up with it all. For a recap, check out complete coverage by the AJC’s Chip Towers.

One of the most interesting things that Mark Richt said, at least from a recruiting perspective, was telling reporters that he dropped a commitment from UGA’s 2014 recruiting class because of his behavior on Twitter and social media. (And if you follow any recruits on Twitter, you know how it’s simply out of control with the vulgar, offensive, sexist, racist and profanity-laced things some of the kids say on there).

Mark Richt (Hyosub Shin/AJC)

Mark Richt (Hyosub Shin/AJC)

Richt declined to identify the ex-UGA recruit but here’s what he had to say about the situation:

“I can’t publicly say, ‘Hey, we dropped this guy.’ But there’s guys that we drop from the recruiting process because of things that we may find out on a visit. They may come and one of our current players will say, ‘Coach, he’s not going to make it around here.’ Or we had one kid last year because of what he had on social media. He had some stuff on social media that we didn’t like. We keep an eye on all that.

“We told (the kid and) we told his coach (that) we don’t condone that, and he was a guy who was already committed to Georgia. And he persisted. Well, actually he changed his (Twitter) handle and continued to do that kind of thing thinking we wouldn’t find out. And we found out about it, and we cut him.

“We rescinded that offer to him, because if he’s not going to do what we say to do at that point then what’s going to make us feel like he’s going to do it when he gets here. There’s definitely a vetting process that we’re very serious about.”

Who exactly was the ex-UGA recruit? The Bulldogs had six public de-commitments in 2014, including, ironically, the first four kids who committed in the 2014 class. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Nick Glass, DB, Peachtree Ridge: Glass was kicked off his high school team during his senior season for undisclosed reasons. His college status is unknown.
  • Stanley Williams, RB, George Walton Academy: Williams was UGA’s first pledge for 2014, committing on the spot the summer after his freshman year after earning an offer on Dawg Night. There was a bizarre situation when Williams told reporters details about a visit to Notre Dame’s campus that never happened. He signed with Kentucky.
  • Demarre Kitt, WR, Sandy Creek: He said he de-committed from UGA after not hearing from the Bulldogs for a few months, and ended up signing with Clemson.
  • Dontavius Russell, DT, Carrollton: He flipped from UGA to Auburn because his uncle was BFF’s with Auburn defensive line coach Rodney Garner.
  • Krenwick Sanders, WR, Wayne County: It’s still a mystery with what happened between Sanders and UGA but it was not a good sign when he didn’t show up at any events or games after committing to the Bulldogs. He signed with Wisconsin.
  • Kendall Gant, DB, Lakeland (Fla.): Gant de-committed a few days before signing day due to “academic reasons” and headed to Marshall.

Note: I do not know which recruit was dropped by UGA, but if we find out, we will provide that person the opportunity to tell his side of the events, like we do every time there’s a de-commit from UGA, Georgia Tech or high-profile kids from the state of Georgia.


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