UGA 5-star reflects on visit to Alabama

UGA 5-star commit Terry Godwin, an AJC Super 11 selection (AJC/Curtis Compton)

UGA 5-star commit Terry Godwin, an AJC Super 11 selection (AJC/Curtis Compton)

UGA’s top recruit on defense is Trent Thompson, the 5-star defensive tackle who committed to the Bulldogs last week.

UGA’s top recruit on offense is Terry Godwin, the 5-star athlete from Callaway High School.

Godwin made some Bulldog fans nervous by taking an unofficial visit to Alabama on Saturday.

“I went to hang out at practice,” Godwin told the AJC on Monday night.

“My visit went great to Alabama. It was a great experience. They told me that I’m a very important guy to them. They told me that they have their three man guys leaving (at wide receiver), and that they need me.

“They said with their three main guys leaving, there’s room for someone else to come in there and make an impact.”

When asked if he felt like there was a better opportunity to make an impact at Alabama rather than UGA – which had to play walk-ons in critical roles after last season’s injuries — Godwin replied “Only God knows.”

Terry Godwin with his sister at Dawg Night (AJC)

Terry Godwin with his sister at Dawg Night (AJC)

This isn’t the first time that Godwin has caused some anxious feelings among UGA fans. Since committing to the Bulldogs last January, Godwin has made multiple visits to Alabama and Auburn, along with returning to UGA.

Alabama appears to be UGA’s biggest contender because Godwin’s offensive coordinator at Callaway (Matt Napier) is the brother of one of Alabama’s ace recruiters, Billy Napier.

Godwin told the AJC on Monday that he remains committed to UGA, but plans to take official visits to other schools “to enjoy the recruiting process.”

Perhaps the biggest thing in UGA’s favor is that Godwin’s older sister was offered a last-minute basketball scholarship by the Bulldogs this summer. She signed and started classes this week.

Terry was also asked about his college position – if he will play wide receiver or defensive back.

“I’m listed as an athlete, and I haven’t really made a decision on which position I’m going to play in college,” he said. “I’m going to wait until I get there, and see which one I feel more comfortable at.”

Lots of high school prospects flirt with the idea of playing on either or both sides of the ball in college. But few are actually good enough to do it at the next level. Godwin is good enough, according to’s Rusty Mansell.

“Terry Godwin is on another level — Terry Godwin is one of 2-3 guys I’ve ever covered that could play either side of the ball and be just as good at either position,” Mansell said.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think? Should UGA be concerned? Or is this just part of the deal with recruiting a high-profile kid? Please post below.


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