Beyonce helping Tennessee with football recruiting

The University of Tennessee is using pop star Beyonce in football recruiting.

The Volunteers sent one of their top targets, defensive tackle Shy Tuttle of Lexington, N.C., a photo-shopped cover of Rolling Stone magazine with him and the pop star walking together.

Tuttle is shown in a black Tennessee t-shirt with the caption, “Beyonce on why she thinks Tuttle belongs at Tennessee.”

There’s another caption about the singer that reads “GameDay trends: Change as Beyonce is spotted in Neyland.”

Who knew Beyonce was a Tennessee fan? And who knew that Tennessee could gain favor with Tuttle by marketing Beyonce?

Love or hate Tennessee’s idea, it was a grand success because Tuttle obviously liked it and was impressed enough to tweet it out.

In the wacky world of recruiting, anything that makes a school stand out from the rest of the pack is smart strategy.

What do you think? Please post below. And let’s have a contest: Who can come up with the best match of a celebrity promoting a college football team’s recruiting on a magazine cover? Which celebrity and which college? And what would caption say? Please post below.

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