UGA recruits react to win over Clemson

GAC teammates Darius Slayton and Micah Abernathy. Both claim offers from UGA (AJC/Michael Carvell)

GAC teammates Darius Slayton (left) and Micah Abernathy. Both claim offers from UGA (AJC/Michael Carvell)

Here’s reaction from some UGA’s recruits to the 45-21 win over Clemson:

  • WR Darius Slayton of Greater Atlanta Christian (Auburn and UGA among leaders): “It was a good team win for them (UGA), and over time they just dominated them (Clemson) in the fourth.”
  • DE Justin Young of Grayson (committed to UGA): “I was excited and was proud the way they went out against Clemson. They won the way they did because of Georgia’s linemen, on both sides of the ball they were able to handle their business and controlled what was going on all night. Also because Georgia was in better condition than Clemson.”
  • OL Sage Hardin of Marist (committed to UGA): “I was extremely happy! I thought it was a great team win and they enforced their will in every aspect of the game. I think they won because they were just the more tough and physical team.”
  • LB Roquan Smith of Macon County (UGA and Florida among leaders): “Huge win for UGA and the defense stood up big. I enjoyed it.”
  • TE Jackson Harris of Columbia, Tenn. (committed to UGA): “I feel like UGA worn them down and it showed in the second half. Big win and great way to start season.”
  • DE Quincy Vasser of Navarro junior college (committed to UGA): “Dawgs on top, Alabama struggled with West Virginia. They (UGA) are going to surprise teams in the SEC this year!”
  • WR Christian Owens of Griffin (committed to UGA): “That was big for UGA to come out and win big for the opener. It sends a message. UGA executed at running the ball. They made big plays when the opportunity came. I feel like the defense was solid and sound. Overall the team as a whole did great.”
  • DE Chauncey Rivers of Stephenson (committed to UGA): “I thought it was a great win to start off the season and Todd Gurley had a big game and the defense stood strong after halftime.”

Clemson got one first down after halftime, went three-and-out on six of seven possessions, and finished with 15 total offensive yards in the second half. However, Clemson coach Dabo Swinney told reporters that the one stat “that was the difference in the game” was average starting field position. Per Swinney, UGA’s average starting field position was its 43-yard line, while Clemson’s was its own 19-yard line.

What did you think was the difference in the UGA-Clemson game? Please post below.

LB Roquan Smith (AJC/Michael Carvell)

LB Roquan Smith (AJC/Michael Carvell)

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