Georgia Tech football recruits react to 4-0 start

Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson celebrates 4-0 (AJC)

Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson celebrates 4-0 (AJC)

Here’s what Georgia Tech’s recruits think of the 4-0 start by the Yellow Jackets:

RB Nathan Cottrell of Knoxville: “I’ve been able to watch all the games, and they have all been quality wins. Georgia Tech has shown that they are a four-quarter team — seeing that the last two have been won in the final minutes of the game. They play hard the whole game and play through adversity very well. Coach Johnson has put a lot of confidence in his offense letting them go for it on big downs which makes me very excited being that I am an offensive player.”

LB Brant Mitchell of Knoxville: “I think it’s a tremendous start for the Jackets. They are playing with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. I think the outcomes of the last couple games can also be accredited to the coaching staff for good play-calling on offense and stout defensive schemes.”

ATH TaQuon Marshall of Harris County

ATH TaQuon Marshall of Harris County

ATH TaQuon Marshall of Harris County High School: “I think that Georgia Tech has an offense that is hard to prepare for because it has so much movement and everything is very quick so you don’t know who has the ball. And I also think that Georgia Tech should be ranked.”

ATH Christian Campbell of Ponchatoula, La.: “I believe that the offense is unstoppable if executed right, and the QB is doing a great job both running and throwing. It was a huge win at Virginia Tech, a team that beat Ohio State just 2 weeks ago. I can’t wait to be a part of all the action!! It must be contagious because my high school team is also undefeated.”

WR Brandon Singleton of Boutte, La.: “I think that it’s really nice. And I was able to go to the Tulane game and thought they looked good. I also watched their game against Virginia Tech and thought that that game kind of set the tone for the rest of the season.”

LB Tyler Cooksey of Greater Atlanta Christian high school: “The 4-0 start for Tech is a great start for season. I am excited to see what this season brings them. I am proud of how the guys have been fighting through these games. The Virginia Tech game was a big game for them. It was a great win. It was very encouraging to see them come out on top and get the W through a hard game. I know that they have a lot more potential for this season and I can’t wait to see them reach their full potential. I can’t wait to be a part of the team next year.”

OL Will Bryan of Franklin County High School: “I think it’s great. That win over Virginia Tech was huge. The defense for Georgia Tech was solid. And with the way the offense can move the ball on the ground, it opens up 1-on-1 opportunities with the receivers.”

OL Brad Morgan of Etowah High School: “I’ve seen every Georgia Tech game this year from start to finish. The thing that I admire the most about Coach Johnson’s team is the way they respond to adversity. There is no quit in them. I really look forward to joining a team like this next year.”

WR Christian Philpott of Tallahassee, Fla.: “I think that the 4-0 start is great. It’s a good look for their season. I think that reason they are doing so good is because they have playmakers out of the quarterback, running backs, and wide receivers out on the perimeter.”

WR Harland Howell of Wheeler High School (Michael Carvell/AJC)

WR Harland Howell of Wheeler High School (Michael Carvell/AJC)

DT Brentavious Glanton of Albany: “I feel as if Georgia Tech keeps winning because we keep fighting and progressing every week. We never give in. Coach Roof had also challenged the defense in various ways to make sure they stay up to par.”

RB Omarhi Jarrett of New Machester High School: “I think they had a great win against Virginia Tech. I also like how the defense stepped up against them later in the game. To me, I think the reason for Georgia tech’s 4-0 start is the efficiency of their running game and coaching.”

WR Harland Howell of Wheeler High School: “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. I think Georgia Tech is starting off to a good run because I think the team’s chemistry collaborates well and they have a determination to shocking they nation! It’s time to bring Georgia Tech football back.”


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