Will Jaylen Brown visit Georgia Tech and UGA?

Jaylen Brown, the nation’s No. 2 overall basketball prospect, has now officially set up three of his recruiting trips.

The 6-foot-7 forward from Wheeler High School will go on official visits to Kansas on Oct. 10 and Kentucky on Oct. 17. Then the 5-star is tentatively scheduled to tour UCLA on Nov. 15 but told USA Today that “I’m thinking about switching that date.”

Jaylen Brown (AJC)

Jaylen Brown (AJC)

What about Georgia Tech and UGA? Brown didn’t mention anything specifically about visiting the two in-state schools, which is obviously not good news for either. However, Brown did say “there will be more” visits than the three he’s scheduled.

Where is Brown in his decision process? “I haven’t cut my list or narrowed anything down and, honestly, if another school wants to come in they can,” Brown told the website. “Whoever wants to jump in they can definitely do that. I won’t have any hard feelings that you haven’t recruited me as hard yet because I understand that it’s a business.”

Also, remember former Miller Grove High School basketball standout Tony Parker? Brown gave Parker, who is now at UCLA, a shout-out, saying, “I’ve been having some interesting conversations with the coaches here lately; like UCLA always tells me about the funny stuff Tony Parker does over there. Tony is from my area and that’s my man! The coaches call him the big Kevin Hart! That guy is crazy; he’s doing his thing out there.”

One other big item of interest: Jaylen Brown said he is likely to make his college decision on April 1 at the McDonald’s All-American game in Chicago.


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