What is Paul Johnson’s sales pitch to QBs and WRs for triple option?

Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson has nation's No. 23 recruiting class per Rivals (AJC)

Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson has nation’s No. 23 recruiting class per Rivals (AJC)

What is Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson’s recruiting sales pitch to quarterbacks and wide receivers for his triple-option offense?

That’s a topic that comes up a lot when Johnson recruits head-to-head against football programs that run spread or pass-oriented offenses.

Johnson went on Sirus XM College Sports Nation to explain his strategy, per footballscoop.com:

“Just take wide receivers for instance. We probably got more wide receivers in the NFL than any other team in the ACC, if you really look.” Johnson pointed out, noting names like Stephen Hill, Demaryius Thomas, and Calvin Johnson (even though he left a year before Johnson’s arrival, it’s a name he still uses in recruiting).

“I think what the offense does is it gives you a chance for a lot of one on one coverage, and allows you to create a lot of big plays. You know, would you rather have 35 or 40 catches for 1,000 yards or 90 catches for 600 yards?”

What about quarterbacks?

“Quarterback is just like anything else, in the essence that a lot of the guys that we recruit to play quarterback, are recruited to play other positions at other teams,” Johnson told Sirus XM. “For instance, our quarterback now, Justin Thomas, was committed to play for the University of Alabama as a defensive back, but he wanted a chance to play quarterback in our system, and he fit and had a great skill set.”

“It’s one of those negative recruiting things that everyone keeps saying, but it goes in cycles. At first it was that ‘the offense wouldn’t work on this level,’ then ‘you couldn’t recruit to it’. Now as long as we can find a way to keep winning, I guess they’ll have to come up with something else.”

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