Former AJC Mr. Football turns things around

Alvin Kamara, the AJC’s Mr. Football for 2012, is one of this year’s feel-good stories in recruiting.

Kamara, who is committed to Tennessee and will enroll this January, was named his conference’s Offensive Player of the Year after a stellar season at Hutchinson junior college.

It’s quite the redemption story for Kamara, who led Norcross High School to the 2012 Class AAAAAA championship as a senior before falling on hard times last year at Alabama. Kamara was suspended at least twice during the season for what Nick Saban termed as “behavior reasons.”

Alvin Kamara's coach compared him to NFL 1st rounder "Freakish talent" (UA)

Alvin Kamara’s coach compared him to an NFL 1st rounder: “Freakish talent” (UA)

Kamara transferred from Alabama after his freshman season and enrolled last January at the Kansas junior college.

He earned the respect of his new coaches and teammates with his football ability and upbeat attitude.

“Alvin is a solid guy,” Hutchinson coach Rion Rhoades told the AJC. “He has a role in the leadership in our team. He’s not a real rah-rah guy but he loves to play football. To me, that has been something that is contagious to the people around him. He has encouraged others with his love for the game, and his desire to make the big play. He doesn’t say a whole lot, but you can tell he loves what he’s doing — and that has been good for our program this year.”

This season at Hutchinson, Kamara tapped back into his role as a game-changing back. He averaged an eye-popping 7.0 yards per carry to rush for 1,211 yards, along with 21 touchdowns.

Kamara has been so impressive that his coach compared him to Hutchinson legend Cordarrelle Patterson, who was first-round pick of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

“Alvin is freakish like Cordarrelle Patterson, who played here,” Rhoades said. “I would say that Alvin is the only one who approaches that ability level here in my time at Hutchinson. They are both in that super elite category, in my opinion.”

Kamara is expected to have an immediate impact at Tennessee. He will have three seasons of eligibility, including three chances to play against his former team, Alabama.

“Alvin is a very special player,” Rhoades said. “He had a great year for us. He has been banged up a little bit for the last two games, so he didn’t get to play in the last two. Prior to that, he just had a really, really good season.

“He did a lot of things with running the ball and catching the ball out of the backfield. He showed good leadership. He has been a really positive part of our team, and we’re thankful that we had him this season.”

Ed note: Check out Kamara’s film below from Hutchinson this season. He looks like a human video game …

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