Georgia Tech’s football recruits react to win over rival UGA

Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson (AJC)

Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson (AJC)

Here was reaction from Georgia Tech’s football recruits on the first win against rival UGA since 2008:

TaQuon Marshall, athlete from Harris County High School: “Georgia Tech is better than what people expect, and we showed today that we run this state!” The difference in the game? “They won because they played Georgia Tech football, and their offense is hard to stop – and Georgia showed that they couldn’t stop it.”

Christian Campbell, athlete from Ponchatoula, La.: “I think that Georgia Tech winning against Georgia is great. Some people look down on the ACC, and by winning today I think it will show people that Georgia Tech is a force, and they’re only getting better.” The difference in the game? “I think they won because of ball control and clock management.”

Brentavius Glanton, defensive tackle from Monroe High School: “I’m elated. I’m very excited about getting up there, and joining the family. I felt like I was with them on the field every play today.” The difference in the game? “Honestly, Georgia Tech won up front. Georgia Tech was much more physical in the trenches, and they won the battle up front.”

Omarhi Jarrett, running back from New Manchester High School: “I think it was a great signature win for Georgia Tech.” The difference in the game? “I think they won because they stayed focused to overcome all the obstacles and errors they had in the game. What made the biggest difference was the field goal to push it into overtime where we could win.”

Quaide Weimerskirch, running back from Pace, Fla.: “I thought it was a great win, and that it will give them confidence for the ACC Championship game.” The difference in the game? “Georgia Tech won because they fought all the way to the end and never gave up.”

RB Quaide Weimerskirch (247sports)

RB Quaide Weimerskirch (247sports)

Tyler Cooksey, linebacker from Greater Atlanta Christian high school: “I was lucky enough to be at the game to see the Jackets beat Georgia. It was a great battle, and awesome to see them rally through until the end to get the victory.” The difference in the game? “I’m proud of them believing in themselves, and I think they were confident in themselves until the end. And I think that’s why they came out on top.”

AJ Gray, athlete from Washington County High School: “They just played a great game. They held Georgia at the end, and they made Georgia uncomfortable. They handled business. I said all week that Georgia Tech was going to win.”

Mikell Lands-Davis, running back from Alexander High School: “The win was great. It makes me even more excited to be committed there.” The difference in the game? “I think Tech won because their defense – big-time stop when they needed them. When Tech got put into a corner by UGA or the refs, they came out swinging. It was a big-time win.”

Brad Morgan, offensive lineman from Etowah High School: “I thought the win was absolutely incredible. Tech played their hearts out, and responded when it mattered the most. They are relentless.” The difference in the game? “It was when Harrison Butker kicked a 54-yard field goal to send the game into overtime.”

Christian Philpott, wide receiver from Tallahassee, Fla.: “I thought it was a great. It proved that Georgia Tech is back to their original glory.” The difference in the game? “I think they won because they were relentless, and converting third downs was a big plus.”

Nathan Cottrell (247sports)

Nathan Cottrell (247sports)

Harland Howell, wide receiver from Wheeler High School: “I think the game was determined by which team wanted the win more.” The difference in the game? “Georgia Tech won because they took got good coaching, they believed in each other, and they played unselfish.”

Nathan Cottrell, running back from Nashville, Tenn.: “It is awesome. They did something a lot of people said they couldn’t.” The difference in the game? “Georgia Tech has played through adversity in many of their games. They did it yet again. They never gave up and kept their eyes on the main goal – winning the game. Overall, an awesome win by Tech. The team never gave up on one another. They kept the mentality of winning the whole game.”

Will Bryan, offensive lineman from Franklin County High School: “It was a great game and both teams made several key mistakes that kept each other in the game. It was very exciting to watch with my family, and I’m extremely happy with the result.” The difference in the game? “I feel like Georgia Tech’s offense was able to control the ball when they needed to like they have all year. And their defense was able to shut down Georgia’s run game very effectively after the first drive. The kicker came up big when they needed him to.”


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