Top UGA targets set visits with Bulldogs

Some of UGA’s top remaining targets for its 2015 football recruiting class have set dates for official visits with the Bulldogs.

Roquan Smith, a 4-star linebacker from Macon County High School, will tour UGA on Jan. 12. He has also set visits for LSU on Jan, 16, Ole Miss on Jan. 23 and UCLA on Jan. 29.

LB Roquan Smith of Macon County

LB Roquan Smith of Macon County

The 6-foot-2, 205-pounder hasn’t named any leaders, but it’s believed to be a head-to-head battle between UGA and Florida. Smith is waiting to see who Florida’s new coach will be before deciding on an official visit with the Gators.

Meanwhile, Arden Key, a 4-star defensive end from Hapeville Charter School, will go to LSU on Jan. 16, South Carolina on Jan. 23, and UGA on Jan. 30. Key is technically committed to the Gamecocks, but decided to award his final official visit before signing day to the Bulldogs.

UGA assistant Kevin Sherrer was one of many visitors at Key’s school this week, along with coaches from LSU and South Carolina.

“They (UGA) look as Arden as a centerpiece to them, and he’s a priority,” Hapeville Charter coach Winston Jordan said. “I talked to Coach Richt. His goal is to keep Arden in-state and to keep him at home. They want to pair him up with Leonard Floyd, Lorenzo Carter and Natrez Patrick.

“Georgia is just as much as a priority with Arden as the others in his top three. And it’s looking like it’s a three-way competition with the way I see. He seems to gravitate to Georgia, as well as LSU and South Carolina.”

The 6-foot-6 Key was scheduled to visit Texas Tech this weekend, but postponed the trip to take the SAT test on Saturday. His coach feels like he’s close to qualifying academically.

“That’s what they told me from him taking the mock tests,” Jordan said. “They said he should get it done this time. They said he’s really ahead of the curve, and that it’s just a matter of him being focused and going in there to take to the test.

“We’re going to gear it up this week and give it our best shot. In two or three weeks, we’ll run a rush (on getting the score), and we’ll see where we are at. And then we’ll let the world know when it comes back.”

RELATED: UGA’s Mark Richt and three assistants traveled to Virginia on Monday to meet in person with Josh Sweat, the nation’s No. 1-rated prospect. The 5-star defensive end has been on official visits to Virginia Tech, Ohio State, UGA and Florida State. He’ll take his fifth trip to Oregon this weekend and then will announce his college decision on Dec. 10. Sweat hasn’t named any leaders, but Virginia Tech and Florida State are considered to be the schools to beat. “Their main message (from UGA) was they don’t want to just recruit me,” Sweat told’s Ryan Bartow. “It’s more of a family-type atmosphere, not just a four-year deal. That’s their attitude. To (help me) graduate. They’re not going to kick you to the curb. Ask for help if you need something. If you get hurt it’s not a loss of scholarship or stuff like that.”


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