UGA recruit lobbies for Mike Bobo pay raise

You know you’re a good college football recruiter when you’ve got your recruits publicly lobbying to get you a pay raise.

That’s the situation with UGA offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, who helps recruit South Georgia for the Bulldogs.

Trent Thompson, the 5-star defensive tackle from Albany that is committed to UGA, put a picture of Bobo with money floating on his Instagram account with the caption: “Turn the #229nation pay the man.”

229 is the area code for South Georgia.

Some UGA fans have also been lobbying this week for a pay raise for Bobo, whose salary was around $575,000 this year, ranking 40th among assistant coaches. Almost all of it has to do Bobo being asked to interview for the head coaching job at Colorado State.

There’s an insane amount of people who assume that Bobo (1) has already been offered the Colorado State job, (2) that he’s the only candidate, and (3) that a few extra bucks from UGA would convince Bobo decline a job that had a projected salary of $2 million for next season.

I’m not disputing whether or not Bobo deserves a raise – well, you could make it a good argument for it based on UGA’s offensive production over the years. But I also think that the topic of a Bobo raise and interest from Colorado State are two totally unrelated, unconnected issues. It would be highly unlikely for Bobo (or any college assistant) to turn down any big school if it truly wants him as a head coach.

In other news about the Colorado State opening, Notre Dame assistant Tony Alford and Texas defensive coordinator Vince Bedford have also interviewed for the job, according to’s Matt L. Stephens. Both Colorado State’s offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator from this past season have also let it be known they would like to take over.

But back to Bobo: You’ve definitely made a huge impact in recruiting when you’ve got a 5-star who doesn’t even play your side of the ball publicly requesting a raise for you. That’s truly impressive.

UGA's Mike Bobo (AJC)

UGA’s Mike Bobo (AJC)

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