How does Bobo news impact UGA’s 5-star QB recruit?

2016 QB Jacob Eason

5-star QB Jacob Eason is sticking with UGA (AJC)

How will Mike Bobo’s impending departure affect the commitment of UGA’s highest-rated QB recruit since Matt Stafford?

Jacob Eason is a 5-star quarterback from Lake Stevens, Wash., who committed to UGA at last summer’s Dawg Night prospect camp. He’s a high school junior and rated as the nation’s No. 1 quarterback for 2016.

As soon as reports surfaced on Monday night that Bobo would be hired as Colorado State’s new coach, there were grave concerns among UGA fans that Eason may be departing from the Bulldogs, too.

“Coach Bobo is a great guy and we love him to death,” Eason’s father told the AJC on Monday night. “He was Jacob’s main contact with UGA, and that’s what got us down there to visit. If he wanted to be a head coach, this was a good opportunity at Colorado State. We wish him nothing but the best.

“But when we visited UGA’s campus last summer and looked around … it wasn’t just one guy that got Jacob to commit there. It was the whole package that got him to commit to UGA. We trust Coach Richt, and we’ll see what happens from here. We have complete faith in Coach Richt.”

Bobo was UGA’s chief recruiter for Eason, and he recently flew all the way to Washington to attend one of Eason’s high school basketball games. But Eason also has a close relationship with another coach on UGA’s staff – Mark Richt. They talk all the time over the telephone.

“Jacob woke him (Richt) up last night, matter of fact,” Eason’s father said. “There’s a time difference, and sometimes Jacob forgets about that. But yeah, he has been on the phone with Coach Richt a lot. They’ve got a solid relationship.

“Jacob has probably been on the phone with him more than Bobo. We feel good about the situation. I don’t see (Richt) changing offensive philosophies. I mean, we’re sad to see Bobo go, but we’re also happy that he got this opportunity.”

Even though Eason is just a junior, he is already a veteran in the recruiting process. He knows all too well about the instability of the college coaching profession.

“Oregon State was Jacob’s first offer, and everybody said Mike Riley will never leave. He was born and raised in Corvallis. Then the next thing you know, the guy is at Nebraska. Then it was the Washington Huskies staff … he was looking at those guys, and then the next thing you know they’re all down at USC.
“If anything, with Jacob being recruited so early, he’s used to coaching changes. I told Jacob you’ve got be sold on a school. It is a lot about relationships, but it’s got to be more than that. And UGA is more than that for Jacob. It’s not just about one guy. We have faith that Coach Richt will bring in the right guy.

“We’re all-in with UGA. Go Dawgs.”

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