Atlanta linebacker explains picture that went viral

One of Atlanta’s top uncommitted prospects tweeted a picture summing up his feelings about the recruiting process that went viral.

Quarte Sapp is a 4-star linebacker from Milton High School who has yet to make his college choice. He will take official visits next month to Missouri, Michigan State and Tennessee.

Sapp is really struggling with his looming decision. He took a picture of himself in a bathtub of recruiting letters from colleges with the caption of “Drowning in my decisions … Top 5 coming soon.”

The picture was picked up by several national media outlets, discussed on sports-talk radio shows across the Southeast, and even ran on Tuesday night’s ESPN SportsCenter segment.

“I was sitting down with my family, including my mother and my grandmother, at Christmas,” Sapp explained to the AJC. “We were just talking about the stress level of deciding on a school. You know, picking the right one. And we thought that would be a funny picture, so we actually did it and pulled it off.”

Not everybody thought it was funny, though. Sapp took some heat from a few people who thought he might’ve been bragging about the volume of recruiting mail (he used two buckets, and didn’t have room in the tub for a third one)..

“I was pretty surprised about the attention it got,” he said. “I didn’t think it would go that far. I saw some comments on it. Not all of them were positive. Some people thought I displayed some cockiness, but I’m not that way at all. I wasn’t thinking of it that way for the picture.

“It’s just that the stress level of recruiting is high. Some other recruits saw it, and sent me (emails). They thought it was funny, and they feel the same way as I do – that picking the right college is stressful.”

LB Quarte Sapp (247sports)

LB Quarte Sapp (247sports)

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