Recruiting Diary: UGA makes final sales pitch to OL

Dunwoody High School’s Nick Buchanan, who is one of the state’s hottest college football prospects, is doing a diary with the AJC leading up to next Wednesday’s signing day.

The 6-foot-4, 280-pound offensive lineman committed to Cal last month, but got offers from UGA, Florida, South Carolina and Penn State within the last couple of weeks. Buchanan, who took an official visit with the Bulldogs last weekend, talked to the AJC about Wednesday’s recruiting news — a couple of UGA assistant coaches made an in-home visit with Buchanan to give the final sales pitch on the behalf of the Bulldogs.

“It seems like everybody at school wants me to go to UGA. I mean, I live in Georgia. You’ve got some Florida fans here and there at my school. Then you have a couple of kids that say ‘You can’t beat California.’ But I hear the most about UGA.

OL Nick Buchanan (AJC)

OL Nick Buchanan (AJC)

“Today, (UGA offensive line coach Rob) Sale came by the school. We talked more about football, such as the schemes and how they run the ball. Later in the day, Coach Sale and (UGA offensive coordinator Brian) Schottenheimer came by the house to talk about everything, and not just about football. They had answered most of my football questions during my official visit last weekend.

“It was kind of funny because Coach Sale is from Louisana and Coach Schottenheimer is from up North. My dad, he cooked these Texas hot wings. Coach Sale was used to the heat, but Coach Schottenheimer was reaching for water. His eyes were watering. They were there for about an hour or so, not too long.

“Coach Sale is a really good guy. He’s really passionate in what he does. He’s always excited, and he’s always ready to get after it. He wants to be the best. If he’s recruiting that day, he wants to be the best recruiter that day. If he’s coaching, he wants to be the best coach. He’s really driven. Coach Schottenheimer is good guy, too. He’s really laid-back. He’s more like a statistical or tactical guy. When he talks about football, you can tell he knows what he’s talking about.

“Tonight’s visit didn’t really affect how I feel about UGA. It was just a chance to get to know the coaches a little more. I’m just going to wait until after this weekend’s visit to Florida to think more about everything.”

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