UGA’s Flip Chart (UPDATED)

We’re one week away from signing day, and it’s setting up to be a wild, wild finish for UGA.

UGA's Mark Richt (AJC)

UGA’s Mark Richt (AJC)

The Bulldogs have already had five recruits de-commit and go elsewhere, but they’ve already flipped five others from other schools. So it’s a draw so far?

That’s a crazy high number, but that’s how modern-era recruiting works I guess.

And what’s even crazier is that UGA is almost guaranteed to do some more flipping in either direction over the next seven days.

Did you realize six UGA commits visited other schools this past weekend? Six? I can’t ever remember that many this close to signing day. But the good news is none of them switched, at least publicly.

On the flip side (no pun intended), UGA has brought in three recruits committed to other school within the last week. And more could be on the way this weekend.

Confused or overwhelmed with all of this information? It can be. So let’s break it down:

(Note: Uncommitted prospects, such as Roquan Smith, are discussed HERE)


DeAndre Baker, CB, Miami: After visiting Texas last weekend, Baker told that he will decide between the Longhorns and UGA on signing day. My take: The fact that Baker intends to hold out until signing day sets up UGA for “a potential disaster” if he flips to Texas. The Bulldogs may not have enough time to fill the spot with a preferred Plan B candidate who will be signing somewhere that same morning. If Baker is going to flip, he could at least let UGA know much sooner.

WR Darius Slayton (AJC)

WR Darius Slayton (AJC)

Darius Slayton, WR, Greater Atlanta Christian: Out of all six commits visiting other colleges last weekend, Slayton’s trip to Auburn was the biggest surprise. It caught UGA totally out of the blue, but they reacted strongly, dispatching almost the entire staff to Slayton’s high school on Monday. The hard work appeared to pay off, as Slayton agreed to return to UGA this weekend for an unofficial visit. My take: From talking to people close to the situation, they’re not quite sure how this one is going to unfold. It depends on (1) how UGA assistant visits go this week, (2) if and when Auburn makes an in-home visit before Sunday, and (3) if Slayton does show up at UGA this weekend. If Slayton makes it to campus, you’d have to think he was sticking with the Bulldogs. Wouldn’t you?

Chris Carson, RB, Butler (Kansas) junior college: After showing up for a surprise visit at Oklahoma State, Carson said he’s “70 to 80” percent committed to UGA. He said he will likely decide by this Friday. My take: Oklahoma State totally came out of the blue on this one, and has done an incredible job to make it close. But I personally can’t see the former Parkview High School standout playing anywhere but UGA. It’s like it’s destiny or something.

5-star WR Terry Godwin (AJC)

5-star WR Terry Godwin (AJC)

Terry Godwin, WR, Callaway: After finishing his visits with trips to Alabama and Auburn the last two weeks, the 5-star was asked if he was ready to “finalize” his decision with UGA. What was Godwin’s response? “Right now, I’m committed to UGA, so who knows?” Are you confused by that answer? I am. Godwin said he will make his “final” decision on signing day. My take: I’ve always thought Godwin was a “lock” for UGA from the moment last summer when the Bulldogs signed his older sister to a last-minute basketball scholarship. If Terry (or even Slayton) flips, it will be the biggest meltdown by UGA fans about a recruit since the Laremy Tunsil fiasco.

Jayson Stanley, WR, Creekside: After visiting UCF last weekend, Stanley tweeted that he has canceled this weekend’s plans visit to Miami and instead will return to UGA for an unofficial visit. My take: As much as I like Jayson, I feel like this was a big risk for a WR coming off knee surgery to visit UCF this close to signing day – unless he was seriously considering a flip to UCF. However, things appear to be fine and dandy between Stanley and the Bulldogs due to this weekend’s plans.


Nick Buchanan, OL, Dunwoody (committed to Cal): He has been committed to Cal since last month. He got a last-minute UGA offer, and he agreed to take an official visit with the Bulldogs last weekend. I was one of many who thought Buchanan would flip before he left campus, but he didn’t. Here’s another twist: Buchanan revealed to the AJC on Tuesday night that he will visit Florida this weekend. My take: I don’t claim any inside knowledge but my gut instinct says I would be surprised if Cal got his signature next Wednesday. I would have to give UGA the edge over Florida as I publish this blog on Wednesday, but this is a fluid situation. The whole prediction could change if the Bulldogs fill the spot before Buchanan figures things out or something else happens.

OL Venzell Boulware (RisingSeniors)

OL Venzell Boulware (RisingSeniors)

Venzell Boulware, OL, Creekside (committed to Tennessee): Boulware had told the AJC that he would decide whether or not to visit UGA after he returned from last weekend’s trip to Ohio State. But Boulware hasn’t responded to text messages or phone calls since Sunday. My take: Could no news be good news? If so, would it be good news for UGA or Ohio State? Something surely appears to be going on the behind the scenes.

Rico McGraw, DB, Nashville, Tenn. (committed to Alabama): Could McGraw achieve the rare “double flip”? There are rumors that McGraw will visit UGA this weekend. He originally pledged to the Bulldogs last year, but flipped to Alabama by the summer. My take: No flip would excite and unite UGA fans more than stealing a recruit from Alabama’s Nick Saban this close to signing day. UPDATE: As of Wednesday night, we’re projecting McGraw to switch to UGA because we’ve been told by a source that “Bama has no room.” This is a fluid situation, and could change. UPDATE NO. 2: The first part of our projected was completed, as McGraw de-committed from Alabama on Thursday.

Terrell Chatman, WR, Baton Rouge, La. (committed to Miami): Chatman made a midweek visit to UGA on Tuesday, per’s Rusty Mansell. He has been committed to Miami since July. My take: None, other than this tweet by UGA’s new Director of Player Personnel. So I guess he’s a “take” for the Bulldogs.

Mark Walton, RB, Miami (committed to Miami): He was a surprise visitor to UGA last week since it was believed that the Bulldogs were only going to take one running back in this class, and they have a commitment from Chris Carson. My take: At least Walton’s UGA fashion attire was trending on Twitter.


  • Pat Allen, OL, Reistertown, Md. (undecided): This de-commitment was connected to the departure of UGA’s offensive line coach, Will Friend. But could Allen pick the Bulldogs again? It appears to be Tennessee vs. UGA.
  • Rico McGraw, DB, Nashville, Tenn (committed to Alabama): See remarks on McGraw above.
  • Van Jefferson, WR, 6-2, 170, Brentwood, Tenn (committed to Ole Miss): Dad wanted UGA, while mom voted for Ole Miss. Mom won.
  • Christian Owens, WR, Griffin (committed to South Carolina): Reportedly switched after not being able to enroll early at UGA as originally planned.
  • Quincy Vasser, DE, Navarro (Texas) junior college (committed to Texas): Took a December visit to Texas and flipped to the Longhorns three days later.
  • Shaq Wilson, WR, Miami (committed to West Virginia): Wilson was being recruited by West Virginia as a WR, which was Wilson’s preferred position. UGA originally wanted him as a DB, but told him recently he could play WR, per 247sports.


  • Michael Barnett, DE, Dorchester, S.C.: Flipped from Florida State. Enrolled early at UGA.
  • Jonathan Ledbetter, DL, Tucker: Flipped from Alabama after UGA signed his older brother to a football scholarship. Enrolled early at UGA.
  • Chauncey Rivers, DE, Stephenson: He switched from South Carolina to UGA
  • Deontai Williams, DB, Jacksonville, Fla.: Flipped from Florida to UGA on Dawg Night weekend, after being committed to the Gators for six months.
  • Jarvis Wilson, DB, Tupelo, Miss.: Flipped from Mississippi State. Enrolled early at UGA.





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