Recruiting Diary: UGA target plays video games vs. college coach

Dunwoody High School’s Nick Buchanan, who is one of the state’s hottest college football prospects, is doing a diary with the AJC leading up to next Wednesday’s signing day.

The 6-foot-4, 280-pound offensive lineman committed to Cal last month, but got offers from UGA, Florida, South Carolina and Penn State within the last couple of weeks. Buchanan, who took an official visit with the Bulldogs last weekend, talked to the AJC about Thursday’s recruiting news:

“Cal’s offensive line coach (Brandon Jones) made an in-home visit. It went good. We talked for a little bit. My dad made some more Texas hot wings. Coach Jones ate those. He’s from Texas, so the heat didn’t bother him.

OL Nick Buchanan (AJC)

OL Nick Buchanan (AJC)

“I played him in NCAA 2014 on my PlayStation. I was using Clemson, and he was using Texas A&M. It’s the rosters from three years ago. I like to use Clemson because of Sammy Watkins. I’m sure he picked Texas A&M because of Johnny Manziel. We played two games, and I won both of them. He’s not taking it too well. He missed a last-second field goal in one of the losses. He was the first coach I’ve played against. It was kind of cool that he could play the videogame. That’s pretty neat for recruiting.

“He didn’t really say anything to (counter) UGA or Florida. I’m still committed to Cal right now, and he’s confident that I’m going to stick with Cal. He’s not putting any pressure on me or anything.

“I didn’t hear from any other colleges today. UGA visited the night before, and they explained it was the same deal as they said last weekend: They have a scholarship for me unless another one commits first. I think they’re bringing in an offensive lineman this weekend. They said they’re going to sign five offensive linemen in this year’s class, and they want me to be one of them.

“I leave for Florida for my official visit around noon on Friday. It’s me and my parents. I haven’t packed yet. I will do that in the morning.”





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— By Michael Carvell, AJC’s Recruiting Blog

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